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  • Women's Football Game Analysis

    viewers on Fox”. (Sandomir) “With nearly 1.3 million viewers watching on Telemundo, the Spanish-language station, the total of 26.7 million, also exceeds the record 26.5 million combined viewers that saw Germany beat Argentina in last year’s men’s World Cup final on ABC and Spanish-language Univision” (Sandomir). They also had “more viewers than the 2014 NBA Finals and World Series” (Kilgore). To sum up the women brought in more revenue than the men and higher T.V ratings. Those are the two biggest factors of pay from the USSF. Up to the present time the USWNT has been most successful soccer team. They have won 3 World Cups, 3 Gold Cups ,4 Olympic gold medals, and 4 Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) titles. Whereas the men have only won 1 Gold Cup, and the men’s team was created 69 years before the women’s team. According to The New York Times three of the last four years the USWNT has played “40 to 50 percent more games” than the men. At the same time the USWNT have “twice as many victories, 88 wins to the men’s 44”. Overall if USWNT plays 50 percent more games than men, and they have twice the amount victories of the men they shouldn’t me making 28 to 62 percent less than the men. It should be vice versa this shows how the U.S.A hasn’t changed about gender discrimination and pay. As shown above the USWNT brought in more revenue than the men, they had higher T.V ratings, they win more games/trophies than the men, and were…

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  • Pay Gap Persuasive Essay

    The Wage Gap: Sports Edition The U.S. women’s national soccer team has a radiant, ambitious history. Over three decades, it has traveled from non-existent to the top of the soccer world. Although, that doesn’t mean they are treated that way. There is still gender based bias against them, specifically involving a large wage gap. Recently, the team took a step toward equality. In 2015, members of the US womens team their names being Carli Lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn, Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, and Megan…

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  • Gender Inequality In Soccer

    Gender Inequality in Professional US Soccer In the United States, the professional opportunities, which are available for women to play soccer, are small compared to men. Not only that, but after having more success in competitive play, they do not earn an equal or higher pay than men as well. Soccer has been primarily a male dominated sport with more opportunities and funds allotted for development, earnings, and venues. Even though the US Women’s Soccer team has great success and support from…

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  • Gender Equality In Women's Sport

    Essay 2 Currently a popular cultural phenomenon has risen over the last couple decades. Women’s sports, but more specifically women’s soccer popularity has been up for debate amount multiple age groups. Over the last 20 or so years women’s professional soccer stateside has a mountain of obstacles to face. From the gender equality on turf, to the two found leagues, or the dramatic pay deficits found within the female population. It seems like quite a large topic for debate that many argue…

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  • Soccer Is A Sport Essay

    Some, however, continue to play professionally. There are many professional leagues in the world. The biggest league in the United States is the Major League Soccer (MLS). The MLS consists of 20 teams competing for the MLS Cup and a direct berth to the CONCACAF Champions League, a continental tournament ( Europe has many different leagues with many teams. The most notable European tournament is the UEFA Champions League. This tournament consists of the greatest teams in Europe.…

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  • Summary Of The 2014 FIFA Scandal

    The 2015 FIFA SCANDAL Contents Executive summary iii INTRODUCTION iv Discussion 1 Stake holders 1 Resolution 4 Conclusion 5 Reference 6 Executive summary In mid-2015, the billion dollar nonprofit football association (FIFA) found itself in the midst of an FBI led investigation into corruption. At the of May 2015, fourteen people were arrested in connection to an investigation by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal…

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  • The FIFA Scandal

    marketing rights mentioned before. The liability under the laws broken in this case is assigned to the stakeholders of the crimes committed. These stakeholders include any and all members of the members that assisted in this plot; e.g. President Blatter, Vice President Webb, etc. 4.0 Stakeholder Analysis Primary: Individuals who were arrested: This list of some of the officials who were arrested includes some individuals in very prominent positions, which is likely to hugely embarrass FIFA:…

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  • Futbol, Football: The Most Popular Sport

    Futbol, football, or in America we call it like to call Soccer, is the worlds most popular sport. The World Cup which occurs every four years and consist of 32 different teams that represent their country. Where as in the “World Series” only two American teams are represented. So why call it the World series? The process to make it into the World Cup goes on for three years. Up to 209 teams are eligible to qualify but only 32 make it to the big stage. The world is divided into 6 different…

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  • Sepp Blatter, World Soccer

    sadly, not the only eccentric character in the executive level of FIFA. The investigation revealed that one of Mr Blatter’s colleagues, Blazer rented two apartments in the Trump Tower in New York. One in the 49th floor for around 16,000 euros a month , one in the 17th for approximately 5,300 euros, with only his cat living in the lower apartment. The apartment on the 49th floor was used for work, by Blazer. Because of Blazer’s overweight, he was often on short routes with chauffeured golf carts.…

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  • Mexico Vs America

    In 1934 Mexico played the United states for the first time, and ever since then the two teams have had one of the biggest rivalries in soccer history20. The first time these two teams met the United States beat Mexico 4-221. For most years after this match Mexico won majority of these matches, holding the wining record of of 38 wins 18 losses and 14 ties; but recently the United States has become a force to recon with22. The Mexico vs USA game is one of the most highly anticipated games in…

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