Career Reflection Essay

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This essay is a reflection on the progress of a career in the Information Technology field with a focus on personal experiences, education and past work.
Information Technology has infiltrated our lives in the last 30 years in ways we never thought possible. I grew up in a world where having a landline and one television set per household were considered luxuries. Today, it’s hard to imagine a day without our latest smartphones that provide us access to the latest news, emails, and multimedia content. This digital age, as it’s called has not only transformed the way we work, educate ourselves and conduct business but has fundamentally changed the way we behave and socialize with each other.
Growing up I was fascinated with electronic gadgets
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Courses pertaining to organizational behavior reinforced the principles of culture, leadership, teamwork and behavior that may have received minor considerations in the past but now have more prominent roles within organizations. In the last decade, our world experienced a major recession that jolted the economic foundation brought on by unethical behavior that was rampant in the corporate world. Business ethics courses reiterated the importance of conducting business in an ethical manner, identifying of conflict of interest situations and how to determine ethical and socially responsible courses of actions. Finally, as mentioned in my earlier writing, becoming an IT project manager has become my next career goal and as such, project management course exposed me to the fundamentals of project management. This course required a CompTIA certification that allowed me to gain knowledge in initiating, planning, controlling project events and how to bring project events to closure. Overall, I believe a business degree in IT management has prepared me well to further my career in

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