Essay On Impact Of Technology On Business

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Over the course of human history, we have always done business of one kind or another. From transactions in the market, to transactions in the stock exchange; business is everywhere. Business is simply the means of exchange, between two or more people. The only thing that is changed about business is how we communicate with others: the tools we use to control these same transactions. In the past we have had various ways to communicate, such as: in person conversations, letters, telegrams, telephones, email, etc.
The smartphone has completely revolutionized how we do business, with both positive and negative consequences thrown in the mix. Compared to our prior methods of communicating, it is the limited unlimited. It is capable of so much, and yet not capable of everything. This particular form of technology has positively impacted the business world as a whole, because smartphones have improved: the speed of communication, the distance workers can be from the office, combined other methods of communication, changed the shopping habits of consumers, made a new market, and changed who is able to conduct modern business. Without the smartphone, we wouldn’t be able to
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Phones can be used for: teleconferences/Skype, email others, make calls, use company applications, and more. This technology eliminates the distractions of being in the office, while maintaining the benefits of collaboration (Hargittay 2014). This lack of workplace distractions, allows workers to be more productive with their time. They can accomplish tasks faster and therefore cost the company less human wage hours (Burg 2013). Employees can host conferences across the world, without leaving their homes, and they can still use the applications and other things they would use with their business. This can be taken a step further; the lightweight, compact phone means you could be anywhere around the

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