The Importance Of Classroom Technology

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Classroom technology has gone a long way since computer labs and teacher desktop computers. Amazingly, this long way is only five years old in many cases. Technology moves so fast that it is a wonder that school districts are able to keep up. Technology departments are always on the look out to stay in front of the developments and keep districts on the cutting edge with devices and classroom instruction. This requires sound leadership and vision in order to achieve.
The first consideration in implementing classroom technology is selecting technology. A central feature in selecting technology is the device, and for many people when they think of technology they equate it with a device. However, technology is much more than that. Technology
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For example, if a new piece of software is being rolled out for a specific department, smaller training sessions may suffice, however, if rolling out means distributing thousands of Chomebooks to students, planning must extend a year out from the distribution date. During that time infrastructure must be in place for operation systems to work well with the devices. Teachers should have access to the devices ahead of time so they can go through there own training to best harness the new technology for instructional purposes. This infrastructure and training depend on the hard work of the tech staff, which is already over burdened with their job. Stansbury (2008) illuminated how understaffed many tech departments are, despite many districts expressing value and need in their work. To ease the burden teacher leaders have emerged to handle the instructional side of the implementation and assist with running professional development.
Once the classroom technology has been selected and implemented, supporting the system becomes the priority. Support takes the form of a variety of entities. The first of which is supporting the infrastructure of the school. Access points and speed of internet is important for the devices to work to their capacity and in turn for the students to work to their capacity. Much of this work takes place over the summer months when temp support can be maintained and work be done in the

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