The Importance Of Student Engagement

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Student engagement is an important concept in learning.
It refers to attention and interest in what is being taught (Strong, Silver, & Robinson, 1995). It increases academic achievement and active learning (Strong, Silver, & Robinson, 1995),
Students must be motivated to learn in order to be engaged. Without motivation, students will be disengaged meaning they will lack interest in the class and will not be motivated to complete tasks that are imperative for learning (Strong, Silver, & Robinson, 1995). According to Taylor & Parsons (2011), high school students who are disengaged are more likely to drop out which makes it imperative that students at an early age are kept motivated to learn and interested in what they are learning. In order for
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By building relationships, the environment changes; it becomes a caring environment in which the students feel comfortable because they feel as though their teachers care for them. By building relationships with their students, teachers are more aware of what their students need and can then curtail their curriculum to the student’s likes and needs which is a high motivation factor (Strong, Silver & Robinsons, 1995). Relationships in the classroom are very important in a child’s learning process. Environments that have positive relationships, which then motivate the students to push forward academically, are what are needed. Uncomfortable settings do not provide an adequate learning environment in which students are able to express themselves. People generally do well when relationships are reciprocated and a balance of work ethic and attention is given, providing a foundation for growth. When peers and teachers show care, the students within the relationships work hard to keep that relationship going, providing motivation and student engagement. Teaching the children according to their preferences is only possible if the teacher knows about the students, which is a consequence of good …show more content…
Students in this generation are known as digital natives because they have grown up with technology within their lives and are able to manipulate it well (Coviello, 2013). Technology is a great additive within every classroom because it can be manipulated to include every student in the classroom as well as the teacher. Technology can be arranged to fit any lesson plan and can also improve engagement because it something that children use on the daily basis within their homes. Being able to manipulate technology in school helps to boost motivation within students who are used to manipulating technology outside of the classroom. The classroom arrangement that best fits this method is one that a future teacher can and will be using within their own classroom. The layout starts with the Smart Board located at the front of the class in which each student is able to see. There is also a rug for students to use in which they can sit on and work on the board. The room is arranged to use the Smart Board, but not as a distraction. The students are split up into groups of four, which is good for cooperative learning. There are also centers in which the students will be able to manipulate items and keep them within that area, allowing for organization. Technology can and will be implemented in ones future classroom. Technology is use a great additive that is can be used within every subject; however,

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