Technical communication

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  • Technical Communication

    Communication, a seemingly very simple word, however, when put into action can be a lot more complex than what we envision it to be. There are classes, books, and websites dedicated to teaching individuals, the proper way to communicate, in correlation to their relationships to each other. Communication in specific areas like business or the health professions are important to make sure things are done correctly so that we do not have to worry about small misunderstandings that could lead to disastrous results. Bad communication could lead to death in the health profession or a failed business deal. The following websites gives us some insight into the two previously mentioned professions. Although, both website both want to teach us how to…

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  • The Importance Of Technical Communication

    Technical communications is a key component to the success of engineers in the field. Studies find that around fifty percent of an engineer’s work constitutes communication duties. (Brandt & Prescott, 2013) These duties must be acknowledged and bestowed onto students in their college career in order for them to be prepared for the field. Through the use of technical written, oral, and visual communications, engineers can bring designs to life. These communications translate into technical…

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  • Analyze The Audience Purpose And Context Of Technical Communication Analysis

    Course Outcome: 1. Analyze the audience, purpose, and context of technical communication projects, including cultural and ethical considerations Throughout the course of the semester, the course objectives were reached and produced an increase in my ability to write valuable technical communication documents. The major projects that contributed to the achievement reached within each objective were the job application, memo proposal, instruction sets, formal proposal, and presentations. The…

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  • Chapter 17 Discusses Something Known As An Informational Report?

    activities, individuals, or conditions without analysis” (“Report,” n.d.) as the University of Minnesota notes in an online module. The common goals of these reports is to explain why or how something in particular happens, as the textbook notes. Taking many forms, informational reports are a large part of technical communication. 2. Informational reports take many forms, but the textbook notes five basic formats they are found in. The first are directives, which explain “a policy or…

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  • Jean Fahnestock's Accommodating Science

    Society, as a unit, has difficulty in knowing and understanding the rather abstract scientific subjects, and rely on those who take the challenge in transforming it into a popular manner. The sophisticated science reports use a variety of vocabulary unknown to the majority of the populations. Scientific terms and other writing structures specialized in the description of scientific reports make it difficult to understand for beginning scholars who do not have a sufficient amount of background…

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  • Psychological Report In A Psychologist's Academic Career

    Learning to write psychological reports is an essential component of a psychologist’s academic career. Throughout my brief career working in clinics I thought I had completed an adequate amount of clinical writing, and therefore I felt writing psychological reports would not be a difficult task. However, after completing my first report, I quickly realized I was wrong. The process of writing a psychological report is a thorough and complicated task. After writing a total of five reports, I have…

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  • Accommodating Sciences By Jeanne Fahnestock: Article Analysis

    Many sophisticated scientific journals are being published each year, presenting abstract information unknown to a lay audience, because of this, journalists are given the task to accommodate these journals for an audience unknown to science, some doing better than others. In Jeanne Fahnestock’s article “Accommodating Sciences: The Rhetorical Life of Science Facts, she describes accommodation as “…present a rather abstract scientific subject in a popular manner…” (Fahnestock 332). Before…

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  • Technical Communication: Improving My Career

    "Technical communication is the exchange of information that helps people interact with technology, advance workplace goals, and solve complex problems. (Gurak & Lannon, 2016, p. 3) I do feel that I have learned to preform several of the tasks this quote describes and learned how to apply technical writing to my career. I improved my communicational skills and gained familiarity with areas that in which I had limited knowledge. I not only improved my writing style, but also the way a present…

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  • Forward Pharmaceuticals: Translation Mode Of Communication

    Translation mode of communication is when the sender is using the specifics of information from the source and presenting it to the audience. This form of communication addresses coding and decoding of information which highly depends on how the sender comprehends this information. Hence it’s very vital to choose the right mode of communication. Similarly, Corey Winston a senior technical writer at Forward Pharmaceuticals knows the responsibilities he holds as the technical writer. He is the…

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  • Officer Tom Goetsch Case Summary

    Mid-cycle Review for Officer Tom Goetsch As Application Support Center Manager, Officer Tom Goetsch is responsible for ensuring effective operations at the ASC within the Salt Lake City field office. He has maintained excellent working and personal relationships with the contract ASC site supervisor and all contract support staff within the ASC. He maintains secure documents and reorders as necessary. Core Competencies Communication: Officer Goetsch excels in effective and positive oral…

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