Strengths Of Writing A Psychological Report

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Learning to write psychological reports is an essential component of a psychologist’s academic career. Throughout my brief career working in clinics I thought I had completed an adequate amount of clinical writing, and therefore I felt writing psychological reports would not be a difficult task. However, after completing my first report, I quickly realized I was wrong. The process of writing a psychological report is a thorough and complicated task. After writing a total of five reports, I have identified three distinct strengths and weaknesses. This critique will discuss these strengths and weakness, and define a plan to improve my overall report writing.
Identifying three strengths in my report writing was a difficult task; however, after
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The first weakness I identified was related to word choice. It is imperative the language utilized in report writing is clinically appropriate and professional. Despite the fact I worked in mental health settings for three years, I realized I still need to continue to build my clinical and professional vocabulary. To improve my vocabulary, I plan to compile a list of words I have a tendency to use that may not be clinical or professional. Once I have created this list, I will find professional or clinical words that I can use as substitutions. In the future, when I am writing reports, I will be able to reference this list to ensure my word choice is …show more content…
When writing each of the reports, this is the portion I struggled with the most. The skill of interpreting and integrating results with the client’s background information is something I believe will improve with time. However, to assist in the improvement of this skill, I plan on utilizing the interpretation processes laid out by the authors in the readings assigned in class. Additionally, I plan on reading as many sample reports as I can to improve my understanding of the interpretation and integration process.
The third weakness I discovered was identifying evidence-based recommendations. Using evidence-based recommendations is an essential component of report writing. Initially, I was unsure where to find specific recommendations for certain diagnoses. To improve this skill, I will start using different resources such as Kaplan and Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry, The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, and journal articles to determine proper evidence-based

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