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    Definition: Education is an important facilitator to economic potential, therefore assisting all children to reach their individual potential and an integral part of creating a just and democratic society. As a teacher, I further believe education with a focus on core the skills, especially numeracy and literacy, are paramount to the success of learning. The Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) released a media statement in 2013, stating ‘the existence of large numbers of Australians with low literacy and numeracy skills has a negative impact on individuals, the economy, and productivity’(Australian Council for Education Research, 2013). In 2008, the then Kevin Rudd, Government committed to building an education system of world-class standing, acknowledging that the basic literacy and numeracy skills, students developed in school provide not only the foundation for higher education but skills, which contribute to a more productive workforce. (Rudd & Gillard, 2008). Therefore, the Melbourne Declaration of Educational Goals for Young Australians made it explicit that all children need to master the basic literacy, numeracy, social and learning skills (Australia Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training, & Youth Affairs (MCEETYA), 2008). While there is an underlying notion that productive individuals can be produced through schooling, teacher quality will remain the single greatest in-school influence on an individual student’s engagement and results…

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    Effective Literacy Practices Sheila Morgan Walden University Fall 2016-2017 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to define what effective literacy practices are, provide an example of effective literacy practices at work and how these practices can be implemented within my current classroom. Additionally, I will provide resources that both my colleagues and parents may find instrumental in the success of their students if implemented and used with fidelity. Effective Literacy Practices…

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