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  • Effective Literacy Practice Research Paper

    Effective Literacy Practices Sheila Morgan Walden University Fall 2016-2017 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to define what effective literacy practices are, provide an example of effective literacy practices at work and how these practices can be implemented within my current classroom. Additionally, I will provide resources that both my colleagues and parents may find instrumental in the success of their students if implemented and used with fidelity. Effective Literacy Practices Merriam-Webster defines literacy as: the ability to read and write. This definition of the word like many other entities have evolved over time. Now literacy goes beyond just the “ability to read and write”. Being literate in today’s world now encompasses so much more then “reading and writing” In fact the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, there are three levels of literacy these levels consist of: prose literacy which is the knowledge and ability to perform prose task such as comprehension and use of continuous text like instructional materials, brochures and news articles. Document literacy which includes possessing the skills necessary to comprehend and use non-continuous text in varying formats such as maps, food labels, job applications and transportation schedules. Finally, quantitative literacy which is the ability to perform quantitative tasks or performing tasks with numbers embedded in printed materials, like balancing a checkbook or figuring out a tip amount. Due to this…

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