The Importance Of Teaching Methods In Teaching Ms. Haro's Class?

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This semester, I have learned plenty of concepts and material that have shaped my teaching methods. Our class has helped to develop a strong curriculum, but also, to understand the needs and reality of every student. Also, the lectures, reading, guest professors and our visits to DCP have helped to understand why I want to be a teacher. I have learned and realized that as a future teacher, I am not going to be able to take care or help every single student, but I will do my best to assist them as much as I can. For instance, Professor Julia Gonzalez mentioned that in the first couple of years, teachers take too much responsibility and as a result, they burn out in less than four years. Moreover, I have learned about the importance of demonstrating …show more content…
Haro 's class, I would assign to each of my students one day, in which they would have to give a presentation about their families and their culture. They would share something that is important to the culture of their families. This assignment is connected to my teaching framework, which is about creating a sense of a familia. Students would demonstrate their identities. Furthermore, I would ask them to create a poster with their historical migration map. Students will trace back the origin of their family or ancestors and how they got to the United States. This particular assignment will help students not only to know about their history but will assist them to create their identity and to appreciate the efforts of their families. In their reading, Marcos Pizarro, and Andrew Christian say that "Students of color rarely get the opportunity to see themselves [or their families] as historical or even contemporary agents in the content of their courses" (3). Therefore, students will appreciate themselves or their families for their contribution and struggles.
As I mentioned before, my classes are not going to be easy because there will be much reading, writing and presenting. However, students will have fun. One practice that I will enforce in my classroom will be lunch appreciation once per month. Whether if I teach in middle or high school, I will create a student government group and we are going to have a raffle every day, which will require students to buy a raffle ticket for twenty-five cents. Part of the collected money will be used for our month lunch appreciation, which will help us make a strong connection with other

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