Horace Mann Reflection

Reflecting on my time at Horace Mann Laboratory School, I cannot fathom that it is coming to an end. I look back see all that I have accomplished and how much I have grown in such a sort period time. From my very first lesson where I was teaching a group of 16 students how to compare fractions to my very last lesson where I had 19 fourth grade student participating in an immigration stimulation. I have watched four new students enter the classroom and grow to be a part of the Horace Mann family just as I did when I first walked through the front doors. As I think back to all the time I spent in the classroom I can see strengths and weaknesses, as well as ways I have grown. Looking at the DESE CAP forms there are definitely aspects that I feel …show more content…
Coming into my student teaching position I knew that there would be several things I wouldn’t be perfect at doing, one of those things is adjustment to practice. I feel as though this a hard skill to master because things almost never go as planned. For example, during one of my lessons the students didn’t seem to be getting the content that I taught. After the lesson I decided to reteach the lesson, however thinking back to the lesson I think I should have readjusted during the lesson and brought the students back together. If I had brought the students back to the rug for further instruction I feel as though I could have clarified any misconceptions that students had. I also think I thought it would mess a lesson up if I changed it midway, however I think that it would have been best for the students to just regroup and help them with their misunderstandings. From my challenges and failures, I have learned that teaching is always going to be a learning experience for everyone involved. Not only will my students be learning what I am teaching but I will also be learning from them. I will be learning what methods work, how students learn best, classroom management solutions and much more. Also, each group of students I work with the classroom will hold a different vibe that I will need to accommodate. Although this sounds like it can be hard work, I am excited to be able to learn more about teaching and my

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