Field Experience Reflection

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1. Using the term “diversity” as defined and described in class discussions and readings (racial, ethnicity, linguistic, social-economics, disabilities, etc.) identify and explain, using the field experience class demographics, how your class setting was diverse.
While walking through Forest Hills Elementary, seeing the principal, vice principal, administration, staff, teachers and students are racial and ethnically diverse. The principal and vice principal were very passionate about their students and wanting them to excel. The school is located in Coral Springs. However, Forest Hills Elementary is a Title 1 school. Since, the school is a Title 1, Broward County School District means, “at least 50% of students must enroll in the free and reduced lunch program”. When driving to Forest Hills Elementary, many students walk to school and arrive early to receive extra help from teachers or come early to complete their homework.
The class, I was placed in was a fifth grade, gifted class.
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During my experience, I had a chance to work with every student one on one. During this experience assured me that I wanted to become a teacher. I enjoyed seeing student improvements and achieve success. This was my first time doing field experience and it opened my eyes about how the school system works now. Through this experience, I used some of the theories, techniques and strategies already, and eager to learn more. This semester I started taking all elementary education major courses, and was immersed in theories, strategies and techniques. I feel I have learned a lot but I feel I have still a lot to learn and I am excited form the journey. I feel my career will be meaningful and purposeful today because there is a need for teachers. Teachers are role models for future generations. From this experience alone, I feel I made a minor change in the students’

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