Engaged Pedagogy In Education By Bell Hooks

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Out of the other chapters in Bell Hooks’ book, I felt this chapter was the most relevant to me. Hooks talked about the need for educators to engage in their teaching. Some professors and teachers do not engage and show much interest in what they are teaching. Hooks was able to describe the lack of engagement that teachers show without many examples or controversial subject material. I felt the chapter was able to relate to everyone rather than make a politically charged statement and expect people to reform to her ideals. The chapter was not as accusatory as the past chapters which helped to create a more open subject that the reader could follow and relate to. The absence of anti-white accusations made me as the reader feel less defensive …show more content…
I agree with Hook’s stance on engaged pedagogy and the lack thereof in the current schooling system. Hooks states on page 203, “Given that our educational institutions are so deeply invested in a banking system, teachers are more rewarded when we do not teach against the grain. The choice to work against the grain, to challenge the status quo, often has negative consequences”. Teachers are more worried about their own careers and their reputation that they do not bother to teach outside of the curriculum. The only way that students can learn and retain the information is if they learn outside of the norm and continue onto subject areas that they are most interested …show more content…
I agree with Hooks that teachers are never done learning, that it is their job to be able to continuously evolve and be able to teach their students. This learning the teachers require comes from the students in their class as well. “I journey with the students as they progress in their lives beyond our classroom experience. In many ways, I continue to teach them, even as they become more capable of teaching me” (Hooks 205). I felt that this quote helped demonstrate the connection that the student and the teacher should have. Each person has an experience and a story to offer and a chance for the other to

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