Latino Americans By Ray Suarez Summary

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In Ray Suarez’s book entitled Latino Americans he shares the rich history of Latinos who helped to shape the United States. Latino Americans share the personal success and struggles of what it means to be an immigrant and the obstacles they have faced. The book offers a rich history of immigration and certainly reflects present day events of the United States. It tells the story of how people from different regions and continents across the globe came to be one.
It also allowed me to see how history gets cleaned up before it is presented in textbooks. Important key facts and vivid descriptions are usually left out the textbooks usually have distorted U.S. history. There always something inherently bias in textbooks. The most unfortunate error in history textbooks is their exclusion of an honest discussion of the history of racism and inequality in the United States. For example, prior to reading this book I was not
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It is what makes America so great because of diversity and inclusion of everyone. In light of recent events however President Donald Trump has instilled fear into many and have many feeling like outsiders in a country they wholeheartedly love and embrace. For many immigrants like myself America has provided hope in life before coming here there was no hope for my family and I. As Suarez mentions, poverty drove so many Puerto Ricans to find something better in the United States ( Suarez p74). My family moved from Guyana to the United States to escape poverty when I was a young child along with my brother who was born with Down syndrome. My parents did not know much about this genetic disorder coming from a third world country as there is not sufficient information and resources about disabilities. Moving to the USA has opened many doors and opportunities it has allowed my parents to make a life for themselves and my

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