Philosophy Of Classroom Management Essay

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My Classroom Management Philosophy
I believe that classroom management plays a major role in creating a successful classroom. A successful classroom must be a safe learning environment, offer positive encouragement to encourage students to make the right choices, set rules that are understood by the students, and creating responsible students who can take control over their own work. This type of classroom is a major goal of mine because I feel as though the students would really benefit. I am committed to creating a safe environment and creating positive reinforcement within my classroom. In order to create a safe environment I will create an honest, trustworthy, and understanding classroom so that all students feel welcomed to voice their
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As a teacher, I will provide reasoning to the students of why they are doing what they are doing and setting expectations that they will need to fulfill. Students need to be help accountable for their work so they can gain responsibility for their future. I will not give the students busy work that won’t be graded. I will remind the students that it wasn’t too long ago that I was a student studying to become a teacher. I want the students to feel as though any work I give them is only being given to help them grow academically. If we are writing papers, then I will create my own sample paper for them so they can see that I am not asking them to do anything that I wouldn’t do. Students need to feel as though they are not wasting their time in school. As I stated earlier, I feel as though Classroom Management plays a major role on creating a successful classroom. In my upcoming classrooms, I hope to create a safe learning environment for my students so that my students can have a positive learning experience. I would also like to have a positive reinforcement behavior system to ensure that my students can gain all the knowledge they will need to continue their educational journeys. Lastly, I want to ensure that all of my students have gained respect for their selves and others because after all that’s where a successful classroom must

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