Group Work Reflection Essay

Every individual has a different education experiences. Over the years of community service, job shadowing and education courses, I have learned that teaching young children is not an easy task. In fact, it may be full of frustrations and different challenges. However, I strongly believe that teachers must make their teaching a lifestyle and not just some job you go to during the week. As a teacher, my goal is to push my students to their full potential. In order to succeed in this, I need to be able to relate to my students using different strategies such as motivation, learning and behavior. I think motivation, specifically, is a big part in the education process. The students deserve to have a teacher’s full time and attention during their education time to help grow and reach their full potential as well as continuing to push through any struggles that they encounter.
In order to achieve these types of goals above, I think it is important to establish a relationship
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I think that working with not only your teacher, but your classmates can and will be very beneficial for their future. Group work has a huge impact on one’s self. It allows one to come out of a shell and open up to the other students and make relationships, you get the experience with different gendered opinions and you understand what it is like working with others which is huge factor in the adult world. I think that group work changes your outlook on everything and a class as a whole by sharing ideas and having a network of support.
All in all, I want to create a classroom that is a safe learning environment. If this is succeeded, it will help for students to begin the process of building relationships, giving their dedication and respectfulness and the overall want of being successful in learning. With every student having different education experiences, my main goal is to push my students to their full

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