My Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management And Discipline

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Philosophy of Classroom Management and Discipline:
My personal philosophy for my classroom management and expectations in my classroom are set clearly through the use of classdojo and classroom laws.
Classroom laws are the “rules” that are set within the classroom by the students. This is a list that usually on the first day of school is created as a class. Students express their ideas and thoughts on how the classroom should be ran and what is expected from them and me as a teacher. I constantly am asking my students how I could do something better to help them and what we could do as a class to make something flow better or go more smoothly the next time. Students like to feel like they have a say and that their thoughts are being taken seriously. Giving your students a voice in some way is always an important aspect of classroom management.
Classdojo is a classroom management and behavior tool that gets students and parents involved with discipline and the overall flow of the classroom. Classdojo is an app that I can create a classroom of mini monsters named after each of my students. I can assign these monsters positive and negative points throughout the day due to students behaviors. I try to keep classdojo as positive as I can but if a negative point is assigned, I write my parents instantly to let them know exactly why the negative point was assigned. Students get involved by receiving a code from their teacher and logging in to recreate their monster and also…

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