Dysfunctions Of Immigration Analysis

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For my critical thinking assignment, I was asked about the functions and dysfunctions of immigration. I was also asked to tell my family’s root story and to consider how my ancestors arrived in the United States. As well as how other immigrant groups influenced and shaped my family’s past. I will answer the questions about my family to the best of my ability, because of the limited knowledge I have on them.
An immigrant is a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence and immigration is the process of arriving to the new country. Immigration began when the first settlers to the western hemisphere followed the paths set forth by the European explorers of North America. Two important places were founded by the Spanish and the
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Some of the functions of immigration that stand out to me , is that is fuels the economy here in the United States, with that action happening it also functions by creating new jobs as the economy thrives. Despite what the dominate culture thinks. Another function of immigration is proving a better life for the families of immigrants and the immigrants themselves. Immigration also functions as support to family members still in the native country. Some of dysfunctions of immigration, is with the rapid population growth comes homelessness. Also with more immigrants looking for work, employers get the job done for less than the average rate, and get away with providing poor working conditions. Another dysfunction of immigration is the treatment and stereotypes placed on immigrants by the dominate culture. Sometimes the dominate culture fails to realize they are immigrants …show more content…
I am mixed with black and white. My black side ancestors were brought in as slaves, kidnapped from their native country of Africa and sold to white plantation owners. These white men starved, worked, and beat them to death. Slave masters also sold off my ancestors, leaving the family forever parted, and no knowledge of what happened to the missing family members. My white side ancestors were Irish and came to North America by ship. During their time here they were also treat badly by the dominate culture. It’s crazy to think about what both sides of my ancestors went through. They all had very hard lives and I couldn’t even imagine living in those times and being treated like that. I know I would feel less than human, and wouldn’t survive under those circumstances and conditions. There have been ways that other immigrant groups have influenced and shaped my family’s past. One way is by the integration of different culture other than my own. This has also made me knowledgeable and accepting of all new cultures. They have also helped in shaping a better future for me by fighting to make different thing better for all of us here. All groups have shaped the world we live in by making it a diverse nation of many different beautiful

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