The Emigrants

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  • John Smith's Struggle In Jamestown

    The first migrants into America faced multiple challenges including conquering the land, battling natives tribes in a bid to secure settlements, while at the same time trying to stay true to their religious, entrepreneurial, and socio-ethical roots acquired in their former lands back in Europe. Through their writings, the soldier, administrator and adventurer John Smith, Poet Anne Bradstreet and Governor William Bradford depict an America whose lands were initially hard to subdue and inhabited by a people wary of the settlers who kept coming in droves by ship. Disease, hunger, and natural calamities wiped out many of the pioneer settlers. Infighting and unclear leadership structures weakened the collective economic and entrepreneurial exploits of the early migrants. The question of how to engage with the native tribes loomed large, with some colonies seeking alliances with native tribes, while others designate them as sworn enemies. However, despite a untold of challenges and against great odds, the settlers eventually created colonies, identified and legislated laws to govern them, and formed cultures and traditions that would become the cultural identities of the future American nation and its people. Despite the deaths, disease and desperation that characterized the lives of the pioneer settlers into America, a culture of self-discipline and self-drive, a belief in the divine ordination of their pursuits, as well as a sense of unity among themselves spurred them to conquer…

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  • The Emigrants By Charlotte Smith Summary

    4-5). Being this obvious about one republican beliefs was rather dangerous in Britain after the September massacres and the abolition of the monarchy (ibid.). Just as many of her contemporary women poets, feminism was apparent in all her work, also “The Emigrants”. The poem was inspired by the French Revolution and it expressed sympathy for the refugees who tried to escape the events in France. In this poem, her sensibility is clear, as it is full of values of compassion and anti-violence. She…

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  • The Importance Of Home In The Emigrants, By Karl Oskar

    In The Emigrants, the characters know only one home, and therefore the landscape only represents what they know. It includes both positive and negative aspects of this home, but as time goes on and life gets harder for them, the negative aspects outweigh the positive ones, and the home only becomes a place for leaving. At sea, the characters are stuck in an in-between landscape, where they are neither in the place they left, nor the place they are traveling to. The landscape reflects this in a…

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  • Immigrants And Migration

    There were certain constituents that emigrants were required to make before becoming a citizen due to the various laws put in place by European governments. These constituents were to try to prevent people from renouncing their former allegiances, which allowed European powers to retain their authority over the former residents. For example, the Syllabus of Errors , a statement issued by the Roman Catholic Church on December 8, 1864, stated that all “children of the Catholic Church” should…

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  • Challenges Of Emigrating To America

    On my way to his apartment. It was a total different world to me. From the rural village of India to the capital of the world. The tall buildings, different variety shops, expensive cars, people with different cultures. The first moment I became an emigrant It was a transition from my sorrow to struggle. The survival struggle every emigrant faces when they arrive. Days turn into months I knew I need an income to support my father and my needs. Being a new emigrant to this country. I knew it…

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  • Feminist Criticism In Willa Cather's My Antonia

    stem.” Jim was one of many characters who took time to observe the nature of the West. As a result, the American West offered a great deal of new landscape for the settlers of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to admire. Moreover, the early American West was a place which many emigrants came to, and the young ladies from these families often ended up with similar jobs. In “My Antonia,” Antonia is the object of admiration in the novel; she is a Bohemian immigrant bearing the last name of…

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  • Ghanaian Migration Essay

    Orozco 2005; Twum Baah 2005). According to 2008 Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimates, Ghanaian migrants can be found in more than 33 countries around the world. After West African countries, the most important countries of destination for Ghanaian emigrants are the United States (7.3%) and the United Kingdom (5.9%) (DRC, 2007). Estimates of the Ghanaian emigrant population range from 1.5 million (Twum-Baah, 2005) to 3 million (Black et al., 2003) The 2010 population census estimated a total of…

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  • La Linea Character Analysis

    I wasn’t the only one with this idea. There were others sleeping here” (Jaramillo Pg.52). This hard situations are true for most of emigrants in Mexico because they travel without a peso (money) in their pockets and others are undocumented, so they have to stay in a low profile. In my opinion, the main the criteria that the book cover is connection. Furthermore, this book connects you to a reality: the separation of families by a border, how emigrants become a family even without knowing each…

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  • Culture In The Woman Warrior

    In The Woman Warrior, Kingston develops the image of The Warrior as a protector, in order to illustrate a connection between being a Warrior in battle, and being a Warrior fighting to protect the Chinese traditions in a place away from home. While Kingston is in America, she feels as if everyone else there who is not a part of her culture is looking from outside a window at them. She feels like the American culture does not accept others, and you must assimilate into their culture in order to…

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  • Mormons Massacre Research Paper

    crime or were too young to recall what had happened. Due to this, the true details of the massacre have been changed or lost over the span of time. Before the attack a letter was sent to the church leader, Brigham Young, to ask permission to remove the emigrants from the Mormon territory. However, the Mormons did not wait for a reply and began their attack on September 9, 1857. Many Mormons during the time held strong to the fact that the peaceful Indian tribe, the Paiutes, took part…

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