Challenges Of Emigrating To America

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Life is a challenge, we must face it! Take chances, don’t give up! My life was full of expectations about emigrating to the United States of America. That dream came true in early 1993. My sorrow and struggle behind this journey never be forgotten. The sorrow from leaving all my loved ones behind and the struggle I faced in my new destination.

I was born and brought up in a rural village in Southern Indian State of Kerala. I spend all my childhood in that village. I had a peaceful life with my mother and siblings, in our family home those days I didn’t have any responsibility other than study related. I still remember my mother cook for everyone, going to church on Sunday’s, visiting relatives, playing with my friends, and many activities. But I knew my days were getting closer to leave my homeland. My father was
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On my way to his apartment.

It was a total different world to me. From the rural village of India to the capital of the world. The tall buildings, different variety shops, expensive cars, people with different cultures. The first moment I became an emigrant It was a transition from my sorrow to struggle. The survival struggle every emigrant faces when they arrive.

Days turn into months I knew I need an income to support my father and my needs. Being a new emigrant to this country. I knew it will be frustrating to get a job. Because employees typically prefer work experience within this country, then imagine a person without any experience. I knew cultural barriers transcend each aspects of my new emigrant life. I knew many emigrants are frustrated that they can’t find or obtain same jobs as their own country.

For example, an emigrant construction laborer may be an electrical engineer in his own country, because many certifications from outside the United States won’t accept here. So they struggled to find new areas of

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