English passive voice

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  • Reflective Essay Strength

    When I took the AP Language and Composition course my junior year of high school, I scored a three on the exam. As a student who always enjoyed English and did well in the subject, this was a low point, but . However, I still loved literature and knewI still wanted to become an English major at college. That is how I ended up in Dr. Clermont-Ferrand’s “Introduction to English Studies” class. Looking back at my work throughout this course, I noticed that I have a slight preference in applying outward theories over inward theories and that my strength lies in writing clear thesis statements, but I do need to work on my proofreading, transition sentences, and time management. Before I started this course, I knew absolutely nothing about the…

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  • Reflective Essay On College Level Writing

    People say, “ college level writing comes from college level thinking”. However, students often fail to realize this truth and eventually, criticize their teachers for low grades. In my case, I always viewed myself as an average writer until I joined college.During high school years, when I hear English teachers lecture students on revising their writing, I usually produce an average essay eligible for a fair grade; most of the time, I did receive acceptable grades in those writing .Even so, I…

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  • Apple Inc Rhetorical Analysis

    Active voice in writing is most commonly preferred in many of the world’s languages. It means to use active verbs, as opposed to passive verbs. For example, in the Apple Style Guide, of the international style section, it is stated that “Apple sold 3.7 million iMac computers in 2 years.” This sentence is an example of active voice, as the subject in the sentence is performing the action. The subject is “Apple”, while the action is “sold 3.7 million iMac computers in 2 years.” In most cases,…

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  • Doomed Intentions In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter'

    to 12-point font. c. This change is made to make sure the essay is in a standard format that is easier to grade. 2. In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the main character Hester Prynne commits adultery and is forced by the Puritan Society to wear a scarlet “A” on her breast for the rest of her life. a. P/V-Passive Voice b. In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the main character Hester Prynne commits adultery and as a punishment, the Puritan Society forces her to wear a…

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  • Short Story Analysis: Eveline By James Joyce

    it. In the short story, it states “She was tired.” because she was living her life as she always had; without any real excitement. Instead of getting ready to leave to go somewhere more enjoyable, she was sitting there “watching the evening invade the avenue.” She was doing what she always has: watching. She has been a spectator for her entire life, and she is now only seeing a change. The author used the word “invade” because that is exactly what Frank is doing. He was unexpected and new, and…

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  • Business Writing Styles

    Formatting is also an important element of business communication. The document must be signed, addressed and correctly attributed. Whenever the title of the addressee is unknown, the gender-neutral Dear Sir or Madam is preferred to Dear Sirs. The same also applies to the use of salutations and gender-specific pronouns such as he and she, which should be avoided whenever possible. The pluralized pronoun everyone is grammatically incorrect, and its use is not recommended. In a similar vein,…

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  • Rhetorical Manipulation In Animal Farm

    As any historian could confirm, the way to understand history is to recognize the patterns. Without even knowing it, people fall into situations like puppets on a string, doomed to repeat the pattern everyone else before them has. By that standard, there are some facts: despite every attempt to find or create equality, the strong make their way to the top, usually by standing on the bodies of the weaker ones abused to get there. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, animals fall into the hateful…

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  • The Shard Case

    Questions 1. Find the sentences with active voice in the passage. ________________________________________________________ 2. Find the sentences with passive voice in the passage. ________________________________________________________ 3. Why do you think the passive voice is used in those sentences? ________________________________________________________ B. Identify whether the sentences are in passive or active voice then try switching the voice, making the active sentences passive and…

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  • EEG Compression And Pructural Priming

    make use of the measurement of event-related potentials via EEG. In order to measure the potentials accurately, there needs to be a starting point for which to begin the EEG measurements. Peter Hagoort (2008) suggests that the EEG measurement for an experiment measuring the P600, such as the proposed study, should begin at the final word of the sentence. However, I disagree with this idea, and side more so with researchers such as Clare Stroud and Colin Phillips (2010). They completed a similar…

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  • Passive Voice

    highly impactful on perception. Alexandra Frazer and Michelle Miller noted in their article Double Standards in Sentence Structure: Passive Voice in Narratives Describing Domestic Violence, Structuring sentences in a way that emphasizes women’s causal role in such violence, while deemphasizing men’s role, may be one of several mechanisms by which writers and speakers express their attitudes about gender, sex, and power. These mechanisms include the use of erotic rather than violent terminology…

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