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  • English Language Learners: A Case Study

    have to ask themselves when they enter for their first day of school. However, there are many children coming from countries such as Mexico and Sudan, where these are questions that children ask themselves every day. Accordingly, I began to ask myself the question what different aspects of a daily classroom routine that might prove to be challenging for English Language Learners due to cultural mismatches or misunderstandings in terms of their feelings of comfort and security while at school. I came upon…

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  • English In Bollywood Case Study

    Research Question 2? Why English is used in Bollywood films? 1.The role of English in India and the world After India gained independence, the status of English was regarded as the equal importance of second language in India, particularly in education. It is even perceived as a preference for the instruction medium in school which enjoys the higher status than Hindi medium schools. Furthermore, English has been widely spoken by middle or upper class. In the 20th and 21st century,…

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  • English Language Communication Case Study

    Table 6.9 shows that students are receiving adequate support from their institutions in addressing the needs of English language communication. However, the majority of the respondents agree that they have considerable difficulties in understanding lecturers’ spoken and written English as well as students’ spoken English. It is also noted that students experience low levels of support in university administrative dealings due to the low numbers of administrative staff who are proficient in…

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  • Comprehensibility In Oral English Case Study

    Name: Suad Alnababteh Assignment #4 1. Citation in APA style KANG, O., RUBIN, D., & PICKERING, L.. (2010). Suprasegmental Measures of Accentedness and Judgments of Language Learner Proficiency in Oral English. The Modern Language Journal, 94(4), 554–566. 2. What was the researcher 's purpose in conducting this study? The aim of this study was to examine oral proficiency and comprehensibility in nonnative speakers of English using suprasegmental features of accentedness. 3. What were the…

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  • English Language Teaching Case Study

    English Language Teaching over the years has undergone many changes. With the focus shifting to communicative competence and learning centred approach, English courses have become more needs oriented. This change, however, is not visible in every English language course. Some courses are yet to reflect the communicative value of language teaching. They look like courses on grammar where the focus is on teaching the form and not on the communicative use of English. The situation becomes more…

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  • Case Study: Disruption Of English Learner And Context

    Disruption of English Learner & Context I decided to report my linguistic case study on a coworker who is learning English. Since I teach at an immersion school with a bilingual elementary program, many of my coworkers are learning English as a second language. I work closely with the second and third grade Spanish teacher and it is my second year working with her. Janet is a female, adult, Columbian native Spanish speaker. She has lived in Georgia near the metro Atlanta area for almost two…

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  • Why I Want To Study English Class

    I began to study English in the first year of elementary school, in Italy. At that time I was only six years old and I do not remember how I studied in school. In middle school it was mandatory to learn two foreign languages. English was the first one, while the second one was either Spanish or German. I chose Spanish because it was closer to Italian, my first language. I had the same teacher for the English and Spanish classes, and as far as I can remember she did not speak in the target…

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  • English Chapter 2 Study Guide

    1_English allows communication with the world Teacher competences a. The educators uses and plans exercises that allow learners to rehearse and create real life relational abilities for perusing, composing, talking and listening(e.g. talking with colleague, expounding on a past affair, perusing an email, listening to a telephone message). b. The educator picks points and assignments that permit learners to create abilities in learning and conveying about themselves and their group, and about…

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  • English Language Acquisition Case Study

    Summary/History of the Problem The changing demographics throughout the United States have resulted in a rising of English Language Learner (ELL) populations in the classroom. In the past ten years there has been a “417%” increase of ELL students in Kentucky and similar percentage increases for several other states, including Maryland. (Blake 1). The odds are good that most teachers will encounter one or more ELL students during their teaching career. These students vary in English language…

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  • Teaching English As A Foreign Language Case Study

    1.2 Statement of the Problem In the history of teaching English as a foreign language, there have been a great deal of studies investigating motivational factors for learners and teachers. (Hiromori, 2009; Manolopoulou and Sergi, 2004; Amrai, Elahi, Azizi Zalani, and Parhon, 2011). These factors can be grouped into three types as followings: a) integrative / instrumental, b) extrinsic / intrinsic, and c) global / situational, and task". According to the teachers, six factors are identified as…

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