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  • The Importance Of Writing As An Art

    By incorporating these words we can change the whole tone of a sentence. “I long for a hug” is an Anglo-Saxon choice of words; blunt and straight forward. Whereas choosing the words “I desire your erotic embrace” instead is a Latin-based choice which has a much deeper emotional current. To truly provoke the pathos with poignant prose you have to pull at the heart of a reader with your choice of words. Knowing the origin or etymology of a word tells you which selections go well together, and the word’s etymology is only clear through its spelling! I will have to sit down with my children to practice spelling and make it a family effort so we all can benefit from mommy’s endeavor into the literary…

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  • Summary: Classroom Analysis

    This analysis focuses on assessment information provided by an elementary class comprised of 20 students. The results for one particular student named Bobby will also be highlighted in order to analyze and discuss his present developmental word study stage and procedures to support his and his peers spelling acquisition. The words spelled correctly, feature points, and the total feature score will be explained along with the rationalization for grouping the students recorded in this classroom…

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  • My Observation Of Effective Communication In The Classroom

    Although I have not been able to attend Lafayette Academy much, I have observed a magnificent teacher. Ms. Robinson teaches 1st grade an engages each child in every one of her lessons. She takes the time to work with each student and seems to have a good relationship with each child’s families. For example, if one student is off task and not completing the lesson she encourages them by saying “If I should that to your mom would she be happy?” She engages the students with her tone of voice…

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  • Why Is Waking Up Important To Me

    It is something that has carried it on throughout my entire lifetime because of its valuable use today's world. Without writing, I am able to do and prepare for the things I could do today. Without learning how to understand and read words, I wouldn't even know how to spell my own name. The influential people that are around me today have benefited in many ways also on my reading and writing skills without my mom and Ms. Doolittle I would probably still be spelling my own name wrong to this very…

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  • Technology In The Classroom Essay

    students who suffer from these disorders. Different example are Spell Check, Grammar Check, online dictionaries, audio books and Paper Rater. I personally know the struggle of having difficulty reading and writing. I know having these resources have truly helped me in both reading and writing. Before I always had issues with my spelling and it would really effect my grades, when we were able to use computers and the resources that had been opened up, I started to do better. I remember other…

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  • My First Language Experience Essay

    was when I first started learning English. I moved to America when I was eight, I did not understood what was happening at the time and was just going along with whatever my parents were doing. Of course I was confused as we were moving and staying in a new country. English became my second language and at of an age of eight I understood I needed to learn English in order to adapt into this new profound culture. Yet, English was not easy to come by as it was a completely new language and new…

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  • Technology Changing Language Analysis

    How many times have you been told that technology- texting, email, or social media- has done nothing but ruin Standard English? For me, I couldn’t count on both hands how many times I have been told that texting and social media have ruined spelling, grammar, and multiple others. Also, I have heard that technology could be helping literacy. This topic is controversial for many people, they are on either side of the spectrum. I have made it my goal to find evidence that gave some truth to the…

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  • Importance Of Writing In The Classroom

    The following list are six take aways that I have gotten from ENG 315 about writing instruction. The six topics are shared writing, inventive spelling, genre with purpose, mini lessons, revising, build writing into daily schedule, and integrating writing and reading together. Throughout class discussions, chapter readings, article readings, assignments, and writing placement, I was able to understand the following aspects of writing more concretely. Revising: Revising was a topic we…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Akeelah And The Bee

    Akeelah and The Bee is centered around the story of an 11-year-old African American girl, Akeelah. Despite being cunning, she attends a school that appears to be have a history of low academic achievement. She is encouraged by her principle to participate in a spelling bee, and later qualifies for the nationals. This movie is a portrayal of Akeelah’s voyage to a national title, with the help of her coach Dr. Larabee, and later on, the help of her family and community (Fishburne & Atchison,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Two Kinds Of A Good Student

    I had always been what some would call a “good student”. I never got in trouble, and I never went into the principal’s office. I did my homework most of the time. I made good grades, and I even made it to the spelling bee two consecutive years. The first year I was in the third grade. I remember that year vividly. During the semifinals I completely obliterated my opponents. It wasn’t even close. The spelling bee that day lasted maybe only 20 minutes. I flew through those words like Donald…

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