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  • Example Of Fraternization Essay

    and our nation. During this Session Long Project I will give examples of fraternization, and I will recommend the business decision my command should take regarding fraternization. Most people think that fraternization is just between a female and male but that is only one form of fraternization. “All the services prohibit personal and business relationships between officers and enlisted members, calling them prejudicial to good order and discipline. Personal…

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  • My Experience As A Leader

    there are enlisted ranks and then there are officers which are the leaders in the program. As a sophomore officer I faced many endeavors because I was such a young leader and some of the enlisted upperclassmen thought of me as just another suckup. As I was so looked down upon it encouraged me even more so to show the upperclassmen that I didn’t just suck up to get my rank but I truly worked hard for it and that I had earned it. To become an officer in JROTC you have to have a B average GPA, 20+…

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  • Humble Inquiry Examples

    Within my organization, there are several examples in which Humble Inquiry could be put to good use. Barriers set up for by social humility and military structure can make it difficult to get tasks accomplished. If we could all learn the art of asking versus telling, these barriers would be less prevalent and we could accomplish our tasks in a less dramatic way. As a military member, it is defined for us how we should treat our superiors. It is customary to always address the officers as…

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  • CPT Winters Character Analysis

    hands out directions and his subordinates take on their necessary roles to accomplish the mission and follow the same plan as he laid out. Some notable exchanges include the exchange following the encounter at the crossroads where a trooper is seen firing at wounded and dying Germans. CPT Winters forcibly corrects this trooper and takes the necessary measures to ensure that the role he assigns the trooper is accomplished. This trooper follows his direction and accomplishes the task as assigned…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Army

    Once you do decide to retire you will be able to draw your penton. A penton is like a pay check that comes at the beginning of every month. Once you have decided that you don’t want to be in the army anymore. Then you will be prosed out. You must do all the paper work so that way the federal government can exempt you from the draft if there was ever one, also so you can be in-active reserve. In- active reserve is when you are at home like a normal civilian but you can also be called back to…

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  • Army Scholarship Essay

    On June 8, 2004 I became an active duty soldier. I was following a tradition set down to me by my grandfather who served as an enlisted soldier in WWII, then my father, and my uncles before me. Becoming an enlisted soldier made me very proud and allowed be to continue a heritage that someday I hope my son will follow. The Army taught me many great things including the value of teamwork, leadership, and self-discipline. I was deployed with the 1/17th Cav to Iraq in 2005. It was in Iraq that I…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Military

    on the lack of minorities in the officer ranks. Women and minorities have only a small percentage of being senior officers compared to the more than seventy percent of whites in the active duty military. In 2008, Congress ordered a report; the Military Leadership Diversity Commissioned…

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  • Women In The Military Essay

    There is a significant difference between the ranks of enlisted military members and those who are commissioned as officers. Besides titles and rank insignia, officers carry a heavy burden and responsibility with their job; leading everyone under them. This is not a duty that many can accept and perform successfully, as the training to become an officer proves. Months upon months of rigorous physical and mental training, followed by years of proving themselves to their men and women. Some…

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  • Narrative Essay On Master Mgt Sherrod

    At some point in everyone’s life, someone or something stands out to them in a way that nothing else does. It could be an individual or an event that stands out to them in a positive or even a negative way. For me however, it was a person named Master Sergeant James Sherrod. I encountered MSgt Sherrod at work and he impacted me in a way that would shape my whole future and military career. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was a blessing in my life, especially when I didn’t want to believe…

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  • Advantages Of Joining College Essay

    “My friends went to college; I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. When they woke up to decide if they’d go to school or work, I’d already been at work for hours. Their alarms woke them up; my alarms sent me to general quarters and watches. They made plans based on how they felt; I made plans based on the needs of my country. They couldn’t wait to leave their homes; I couldn’t wait to get back. When they look back on their respective lives, they may wonder if they’ve ever made a…

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