The Importance Of Leadership In The Band Of Brothers

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CPT Winters is the obvious leader in the show Band of Brothers. In episode 5 we see his leadership tested in many ways, as a combat leader, as a leader among leaders, and in an administrative role. In each role he handles himself and his men in a manner that ensures success, and is one of the best examples of how a leader ought to act given various situations. We will investigate first CPT Winters himself as a leader in various situations, secondly the men below him in how they respond to his leadership and the situation, and thirdly at the situation holistically, in order to gain a better understanding of what happened and how CPT Winters‘ actions achieved success.
CPT Winters has two significant values, firstly, that of the objective, and
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In the example of Lt Dike, we see someone who readily follows his orders, but is less than competent in his leadership among the other followers and those he is meant to lead. On the whole his followers respect his authority and operate as a cohesive unit, as can be seen again in the situation at the crossroads. CPT Winters hands out directions and his subordinates take on their necessary roles to accomplish the mission and follow the same plan as he laid out. Some notable exchanges include the exchange following the encounter at the crossroads where a trooper is seen firing at wounded and dying Germans. CPT Winters forcibly corrects this trooper and takes the necessary measures to ensure that the role he assigns the trooper is accomplished. This trooper follows his direction and accomplishes the task as assigned out of respect not only for the authority of CPT Winters, but for the man of CPT Winters as well. This relationship would seem to be the norm for CPT Winters among the enlisted men especially. This indicates that a large part of the success he has is not solely due to his own capability, but is also due to the ability of the enlisted men and the shared respect between them and …show more content…
Looking again at the situation at the crossroads, CPT Winters responds to a situation in which he has very little information with quick decisive action. From the outset, when he becomes aware of the presence of an enemy force, he seeks to gain as much information as possible, and complete his mission of neutralizing this enemy force with the information he has available to him. He initially attacks what can be reasonably thought to be only an enemy machine gun outpost, and takes the necessary measures to complete this objective as safely as possible. Once he becomes aware of presence of a significantly larger force, he takes the necessary steps of calling up reinforcements, and taking inventory of the situation, where he is, what he could potentially be facing, and what risks may be present. He becomes aware of the perilous situation he and his men are in and takes the decisive action to attack the enemy of unknown size. CPT Winters understands that information of the whole situation is vital for success, and that time is a valuable resource that cannot be wasted. He makes the quick and decisive decisions he needs to in order to be successful, given the information he has at the time that he has

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