Enneagram of Personality

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  • Summary: Mapping The Bilingual Brain

    in an individual’s personality and behavior. I thought it suffice to assume that the little girl must’ve learned multiple languages from her family, which made me think in the simplest terms: “What else do we inherit from our parents?” Dan Hurley’s article was the first stimulus article that brought up the topic of genetics and other factors that contribute…

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  • Natural Helping Observation

    Even though I knew her acceptance to take the offer would mean re-organising an already hectic schedule. Do I always do this? Put others before myself? I realise the answer to these deliberations are an astounding “Yes”. If I look through the analytical lens of Enneagram personality type, I become cognizant of boxing myself as Type 2 – the Helper, however is that the only lens there is to apply, what about the cultural considerations? The familial attachment style? The social context I grew…

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  • Simon Parke's The Enneagram

    non-fiction book by Simon Parke titled The Enneagram made me think solely on myself. With the help of Parke, I was able to find a condensed version of my personality out of 9 varying choices. I knew what number I was on the Enneagram scale by reading the first sentence in one of his Miniature Portrait’s. It reads, “These people are sometimes seen as life’s carers”(Parke 35). This statement is very true about me in the way that I always care about other people and how they feel. As I continued to…

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  • Enneagram In Children

    parenting. Some parents suppose they have similar or share same character traits as their children. Normally, there is an essential craving that drives a person of a particular personality type to build up an associated behavioral uniqueness. Enneagram (a model of human identity that is comprehensive and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types) will help parents to find their personality resemblance and disparities with their kids.…

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  • Personality Self Assessment

    I really enjoyed reading the results because it definitely describes exactly who I am in all areas including career paths. After taking this assessment, I learnt that I have the INFJ (Introvert, Intuitor, Feeler, and Judger) personality type. An INFJ has strengths and weaknesses. Some of my strength as an INFJ are being creative- in terms of resolving human challenges and have a strong sense of compassion and vivid imagination, insightful- such as seeing through dishonesty and disingenuous…

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  • Reflection On The Enneagram Made Easy

    It is crazy to think about the many different people there are in this world. Some people react to certain situations one way, and others could react in a complete opposite way. Also, certain people are more reserved while others might be more outgoing. The Enneagram Made Easy book describes the different personalities people have. The way it does that is by understanding earlier in life we use our natural abilities to cope with our personal circumstances (Baron & Wagele, 1994, p. 2). As we grow…

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  • Essay On Personality Profiling

    Personality Profiling The study of personality types and generalization is known as an enneagram. The connection and description of these nine known types of personalities are found in the book The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Barton and Elizabeth Wagele. Throughout this book I came to understand all personalities as well as determine my own. I tested highest and relate closest to the sevens personality group making me, an adventurer. I am an adventurer, I avoid unpleasant feelings such as…

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  • Reflective Essay: Differences In Personalities

    True colors were created to explain the differences in human behavior, these behaviors are classified by four different groups; green, gold, blue and orange. I personally am classified as a dominantly green, but also orange personality type. This means that I am very determined, consistent, composed and intellectual but I am also creative, competitive and enjoy leadership opportunities. These four classified groups are very different however they still have similarities. With differences in…

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  • Personal Identity Stereotyping Paper

    Identity Development and Personality Prototype Developing a sense of identity and discovering your personality can be hard, particularly if you are an adolescent. The transition from childhood to adulthood, where to go to college, what to study, and what kind of work do I want to do? These are all questions that most teens have asked themselves many times. Often times, the answers to these questions change many times, before a final decision is made. Other times the decision may be made by…

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  • Compare And Contrast Children's Communication With Children

    Children are very smart and every child has different type of personality. they seem like they are same in some point like physical need but in fact every child has a unique ether physical, emotional, social and intellectual, when we treat them we have to keep in our mind all these difference between the children’s. communication with kids has a meaning that we share information between children to help them build their own personality in a good way.The perception of child’s development is…

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