Enneagram In Children

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More often than not, parents set and meet profession or relationship goals, but fall short of setting goals for parenting. For successful parenting, one has to have a comprehensive meaning of success and the steps needed to meet the goal. However, every parent wants to raise their kids in a secure upbringing, feeling good of themselves while at the same time growing up happy, helping them realize their unique and real self is the greatest attainment towards parenting. Some parents suppose they have similar or share same character traits as their children. Normally, there is an essential craving that drives a person of a particular personality type to build up an associated behavioral uniqueness. Enneagram (a model of human identity that is comprehensive and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types) will help parents to find their personality resemblance and disparities with their kids. …show more content…
At the same time, parents should know that personality could take a negative or a positive course depending on how they handle the child. By showing respect to their kids, they are acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of their child’s personality. With regard to Enneagram, parents should not compel their kids to change their traits to have an ideal one they imagine. According to their kid’s personalities, they should bring potentials into full action while developing towards healthy in a positive direction. For example, parents of type five personality kids, who are somewhat quiet and distant, should allow their kids pursue their own privacy, and solve their problems instead of criticizing their conduct (Eberly and Eberly 42). Prior to the Enneagram hypothesis, it is important for parents to have a better perceptive of their own personalities, which should apply for improved parenting. They may include their shortcomings in traits and the resulting

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