Enola Gay

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  • The Pros And Cons Of WWII

    problematic, families were forced to live on the modest means. Several young men actually left home, so they were less of a burden on their families. With this said, a decent amount of men joined the military before WWII started, because of this weight on the other members of their families. Mr. Simmons mentioned, My Father volunteered his draft and was inducted into the Army Air Forces. He was part of the 509th Composite Group. That is the group that was commanded by Paul Tibbets. Colonel Tibbets was the pilot of the Enola Gay. The Enola Gay dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. A composite group is made up of a number of other units. A composite group is made up of a number of other units. The 509th was an experimental group. They tested many different types of inventions. Heated flight suits, bomb sights, radios, etc etc. It was a cover to protect the fact that they were developing the atomic bomb. The first bomb was dropped by Col. Paul Tibbets from the Enola Gay. (Plane was named after his Mother). The second was dropped by Col. Bock from Bock 's Car (Simmons, 12.8.2014). After bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, the war came to an end. The Manhattan Project was the development of the bombs that the United States dropped on Japan. As noted above, the 509th Composite Group tested bombs. The bombs dropped on Japan were done by those in this composite group. In addition, the females in the family wanted to help the soldiers and many…

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  • Analysis Of Enola Gay And Bockscar

    The United States Army Airforce was an integral part of finally putting an end to the Second World War. Japan’s unconditional surrender in August of 1945 was a joint effort by multiple countries. However, in the end it was 2 Army Airforce B-29 bombers that delivered the final blows of WWII when they dropped the first 2 combat atomic bombs. Those historic aircraft were named the Enola Gay, and Bockscar. At the end of the 1930’s, leaders of the US Army Air Corps learned quickly that the…

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  • American Exceptionalism In The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    idea spread by American historians who were teaching at European universities during the Cold war. The idea itself elevated the uniqueness and exceptionality of American culture, life, and democracy. This theory was used to promote America’s status past what it actually was to counter the Soviet threat; like propaganda except bending history in America’s favor. This became problematic when viewing “American Character” because the exact definition depended on who was describing it, the time…

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  • Hozier Take Me To Church Analysis

    Not only does he create this mood through the music, but he shows it in the music video. The music video is all in black and white creating even of a darker mood. It also produces a feeling of hopelessness. The audience feels this through the actors and the actions taking place. For instance, when the homosexual man is being dragged to the fire it generates a heartbreaking moment as if the audience wants to jump in and save him. The mood shown through the video brings awareness to just how harsh…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Myth Of The Gay Agenda'

    Being a homosexual in the 21st century can be an emotional experience due to the lies that are said about them. By using satire, LZ Granderson in the TED Talk, “The Myth of the Gay Agenda,” presents humor, personal journey, and emotional connections, which creates a convincing argument towards the audience about love and respect. First of all, Granderson is a humorous person throughout his speech. LZ Granderson uses verbal irony to be humorous and stir up the audience in a positive and funny…

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  • Mental Illness Is A Social Problem Essay

    This essay will analyse the statement 'mental illness is a social problem”. To examine this statement the sociological perspectives will be discussed as well as common social contributors to mental illness with in the concept of gender and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender and inter-sexual community (LGBTI). The aim of this essay is discuss and elaborate on the concept of gender and more specifically the LGBTI community in Australia and how mental illness affects according to gender, gender…

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  • Faggot Stereotypes

    themselves and even end up killing themselves because of the confusion the word faggot causes. There are many different meanings to the word faggot. It has been changed over time in history from something that was used as an everyday essential to meaning a homosexual person. The word faggot is used only for offensive reasons only; there is no politically correct uses for this word. The only people who use the word faggot are people who look down at the things a stereotypical homosexual male…

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  • A Prince Charming For The Prom By Frank Paro Rhetorical Essay

    Frank Paiva, the author of “A Prince Charming for the Prom (Not Ever after, Though)” describes his experience as the gay prom date for his female friends. Paiva successfully explains the adversity that LGBT youth in a heteronormative society face. Through the use of various rhetorical strategies such as the Aristotelian Appeals and informal diction, he highlights the fact that society is not ready to accept LGBT people and those that differ from society’s expectations. Paiva establishes his…

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  • Summary Of Stephen Colbert's Book 'I Am America'

    In his book I am America (And So Can You!), Stephen Colbert expresses the issue of homophobia and prejudice against homosexuals in America through his witty, dry, and sarcastic sense of humor. Colbert demonstrates the ridiculousness behind being homophobic, and hateful towards the gay community through his sarcastic writing style. Through his humor, Colbert makes homophobic individuals look and sound absurd for using hate and religion as an excuse to treat others poorly. There are many social…

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  • Discrimination Will Discrimination

    on everyone in our world since the old days until now and especially in LGBT community. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. While researching I came across some articles by the LGBT community and how people treat them poorly due to their sexuality. In addition, they are not only treated poorly due to their sexuality, but are also denied from their human rights. The LGBT community faces many problems the one stood out in particular was health care, The LGBT community faces…

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