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  • Film Analysis: The Ball

    This documentary shows a realistic look into the underground culture of gay men, drag queens, and transgender in New York during the late 80's. The "Ball" was an escape from the harsh criticism and rejection of society. It gave men the opportunity to live out their "fantasy of being a superstar" and to feel free to be who they really were. The balls can be viewed as ritualistic because they started as a discreet, by invitation-only social event. However as there was more involvement to…

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  • Do I Sound Gay, By David Thorpe

    directed and produced by David Thorpe, Do I Sound Gay? is a documentary that explores one’s voice for their sexuality. When Thorpe and his significant other broke up he decided that he wanted his voice to sound more masculine instead of the stereotypical gay tone. He consults in a speech therapist, named Susan Sankin and a vocal coach named Bob Corff who both provide him with exercises to reduce his feminine voice. He goes around and interviews his gay friends and celebrities like Tim Gunn,…

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  • Homosexual Stereotypes In Pop Culture

    visibility of gay characters, there remains the issue that male homosexual interaction, including hugging and kissing, is largely avoided in mainstream media. Consequently, homosexuality has been forced to make its pop culture debut in others ways, such as by the portrayal of clearly recognizable male homosexual stereotypes. Until the 1970s, the codes for labeling male homosexuality were reduced to images of a sissy man. However, today, the predominantly negative, troubling images of gay people…

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  • Anti Lgbt Pros And Cons

    influences today’s youth whom are in charge of our future. LGBT rights have been a problem since the birth of our nation. This issue affects homeless LGBT youth: 40% of homeless youth identifies as LGBT. Another issue is the discrimination against gay and lesbian couples who desire…

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  • Being Jazz: My Life As A (Transgender) Teen By S.

    People do not realize, but there are many social inequalities shaping our everyday lives. Sexual orientation discrimination discriminates against transgender and homosexual people, and many people in America are induced by it. It is important to bring awareness to the topic of social inequality and persecution, specifically sexual orientation discrimination, because various genres of literature can be used to help change society's views of tolerance and acceptance, it impacts teenagers in…

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  • What Is Gay Marriage Wrong

    Is gay marriage wrong? A vast majority have encountered the debate on more than a single occasion -- even more so over the past recent decades. Consequently, most people feel quite strongly one way or the other, the small exception being what Ed Stetzer, the president of LifeWay Research, referred to as the ‘mushy middle’ -- people who may hold some religious belief or another, but overall are not active in the church community, and therefore their opinions can be easily swayed in either…

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  • What Is The Mattachine Society

    1) The Mattachine Society is a group of homosexual man in the 1950’s who decided to start a group to protect Gay man. They believe that Gay man had the same right has heterosexual men. These men were influenced by communist ideology and came up with this group to fight for what is right. The Organization was founded in 1950’s, it gained members and they had another chapter in California within two years. After a couple of years, the organization abandoned the original structure of the group and…

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  • Fear And Hate: Homophobi Article Analysis

    Authorities Arresting and Killing Gay Men, Russian Paper Says” where he writes of the horrors taking place in which gay men are being arrested and some executed in taboo of their sexual orientation all around this Russian republic. “Homophobia in Kenya: is a change going to come?” is another article in the African country of Kenya where another mass…

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  • Kremer's Argumentative Analysis

    Across the country as the transgender population in Americans has increased over the last several years, it has been controversial political debate over the rights of the people who identify as a transgender, of which public restrooms they should be allowed to enter legally. According to the video, a Wisconsin, Republican state lawmaker said the schools can be sued if they allow transgender students to use the school restroom of their chose. Kremer’s bill wants transgender students to find…

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  • Personal Narrative: Orlando

    One of my roommates in college was gay. He confided in me about his sexual preference, knowing I’d respect his confidence. Back then, gay people were openly ridiculed and rejected and attacked. I wish I could say this was no longer true, but obviously I can’t. We’ve come a long way, but what happened in Orlando and the reaction to it provide harsh reminders of how people hate those who are different from them in some way. Still so much hatred. I’m the associate minister at an open and…

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