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  • Reflection Paper: My Confirmed Myers-Briggs Profile

    My confirmed Myers-Briggs profile is ENTP or Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perception. The website, 16 personalities, refers to this profile type as "The Debater" (16 Personalities, n.d.). This means that in business and in school I am outwardly focused on people, places and things or extroverted (Hirsh, 1991). The intuitive preference of my profile means I tend to take in information from memory and associations versus my five senses (Hirsh, 1991). I typically make decisions based on logic, and use a cause and affect based reasoning and am therefore a "thinking" preference (Hirsh, 1991). Lastly, the perception portion of my confirmed MTIB type means I am less structured, focus more on the start than the finish, and am more adaptable…

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  • My Personality Model (ENTP)

    A collection of personality traits that are thought to occur together consistently, especially as determined by a certain pattern of responses to a personality inventory can be integrated together to form a rough estimate of a personality type. My personality type estimate is ENTP, known as the debater. The Meyers Briggs calls my type Dominant Extraverted Intuition. Uncompromisingly honest and always searching for others perspectives. The Meyers Briggs test 16 personality type is eerily…

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  • Example Of A Personal SWOT Analysis (TS)

    Personal SWOT analysis As an ENTP, this writer finds that he is particularly suited for the professional role as a TS. However, certain character and personality traits are potential weaknesses that can be improved upon. These factors are listed below in a personal SWOT analysis. a) Strengths The writer believes that he is intelligent, confident, innovative and logical. In the current context, the writer’s role as a TS involves the use of derivatives (options) and bonds to construct portfolios…

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  • Myers-Briggs Profile Reflection

    results of my Myers-Briggs profile, my first thoughts were that it wasn’t any more in-depth than other personality profiles I have completed in the past. The descriptions about the way I direct and receive energy, take in information, come to conclusions, and approach the outside world were very general and I do not think that the Thinking description describes me well, because I know that I place high value on understanding and harmony among group members. That being said, once I read my…

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  • What Is The Characteristics Of Personality

    For the sake of this paper, we shall call my opposite Chad. As an ENTP, Chad is clever, loves to argue, and according to Butt and Heiss, is the “Devil’s Advocate” type (2016). ENTP’s are fans of challenging puzzles, both in work and personal settings. However, once the challenge has gotten old or the puzzle has been solved, this type tends to move on and replace said puzzle. Ones who know Chad know that he is an optimist. However, because of this optimism, Chad quickly becomes fretful when…

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  • The Ultimate Littmus Test Personality Analysis

    In the 2013 Forbes article “the Ultimate Litmus Test: Personality” by Amanda Neville, she talks about the increasing frequency of personality tests for personal and business use. The main, but not the only, test she talked about was the Myers Briggs Test. This test categorizes people into four letters. The options are Extrovert or Introvert, Sensing or iNtuition, Thinking or Feeling, Judgment or Perception, and you are given one letter for each group and that gives you your “personality”. There…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Holland Personality Types

    My Holland personality type was a four way tie of artistic, realistic, social, and investigative. My Myers Briggs personality type was ENTJ (9% E > I, 12% N > S, 25% T > F, and 1% J > P). My learning style is kinesthetic. In two of the three personality tests, I was very well-rounded and not leaning very far towards the result I received. To me, this means that if my personality type fits my career choice, it will not fit perfectly, but if it does not, it is not as big of a deal.…

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  • Delta Group Case Study Essay

    He is adroit in generating new ideas and then strategically analyzing them as well as solving incipient and challenging problems. This caused Alejandro to naturally emerge as our group’s Chairperson and authoritatively mandate us on ways to consummate our goal. Thus extinguishing the potency struggle between Richard and I. Though once Richard realized that he would not be able to postulate the leadership role he became the Deserter, one who withdraws from group discussions and seems “above it…

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  • The Myers-Briggs Personality Analysis

    their relationships to ensure they succeed. ESTJ’s are not touchy-feely types and are more prone to not be, as spontaneous or unpredictable as other personality types. ESTJ’s are especially bad at reading the emotional side of other people and when it comes to their partners, it is more important than ever to try and improve this. They have strong principles and self-confidence and they use these qualities to protect their partners with admiral consistency. But, they are also stubborn, with a…

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  • Personal Essay: What Psychology Means To Me

    fast and I sometimes flip my words. I am great though at thinking in 3-D dimensions, though because I draw in 3-D all the time and I know my way around a lot. I am also very talented in music, I love singing, I can read music, and I can harmonize with people on the spot. The Myers-Briggs Personality test also has helped me understand myself more, because of my results. Isabel Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs, who were both fascinated by Carl Jung’s Theory, created the Myers-Briggs…

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