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  • Summary Of Happy Brain Happy Life By Wendy Susuki

    The brain is probably the most amazing part of the human body. It is composed of neurons, glands, and other subsections that together run the human body, maintain homeostasis, and perform cognitive process. However, the general community may not know much about this indispensable organ’s astonishing properties. This semester I learned about these properties through Wendy Susuki’s book-Happy Brain, Happy Life, and through this book along with the aid of this class I was able to help the community through a service learning event. My service learning event consisted of teaching the attending children of the north west boys and girls club about brain plasticity and how exercise enhances this feature. The reason my team and I chose to pair up these two particular subjects was that we knew that students near the Mexican-American border on average do not perform as well on state standardized testing as other students. Additionally the students fell within the Hispanic/Latino demographic which puts them at risk of squirting diabetics and hypertension due to being overweight. My team mates and I arrived a few minutes before the event began to set up our booth which was part of the brain fest- which was hosted by Texas A&M International University. Our booth consisted of 4 modules- the introduction in which we explained brain plasticity. We stated that “the brain has plasticity and that this meant that is was able to grow and learn new thing as well as deteriorate and forget. And to…

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  • Frederick Herzberg Job Enrichment

    The key term job enrichment is a job design method that is purposely designed to “reverse the effects of tasks that are repetitive requiring little autonomy.” What is Human Resource. (n.d.). Job Enrichment. Retrieved September 24, 2015, from What is human resources: http://www.whatishumanresource.com/job-enrichment Summary (150) Frederick Herzberg, an outstanding American psychologist, who notably promoted the idea of the Motivator-Hygiene theory and job enrichment. In his report “One more…

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  • Animal Testing Satire

    Imagine having the choice of life or death left in your hands alone. On one end, there is a rat, who is energetically running to find a hiding spot from the broom sweeping across the floor. On the other end, there is a stay-at-home mom, jumped up on the table, violently stabbing at the rat in attempts to scare it away from her. One of them will die. Most people would choose to save the stay-at-home mother with three children and not have a guilty thought cross their mind. But what if the rat…

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  • Environmental Literacy Ladder Analysis

    What does it mean to you to be environmentally literate? To become environmentally literate a person must “Climb the Environmental Literacy Ladder” (What is Environmental Literacy, 2007). First s/he must be connected to nature; not just knowing about it, but also putting themselves in nature and being aware that they are a part of it. Once that connection is made one becomes more aware of all the aspects that are interconnected throughout the environment locally and globally. The more time…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Environment

    The issue of the environment, a topic of discussion that seems to be receiving more and more traction with each passing day, is all anyone seems to be talking about. Today it is hard not to be bombarded with images and news of environmental degradation this way and that. What that exactly means for humans, other species, and the world as a whole, is an ever-growing question that has yet to be fully answered. By conducting a survey, I was able to gather information regarding how the students in…

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  • Environmental Conservation Essay

    In our current time, our planet is facing severe environmental crisis. The future of the human race is uncertain to our indiscriminate consumption of resources and irresponsible pollution on Earth. Environmental problems such as climate change account for one of the biggest issues in the world today. Due to the lack of exposure and education, most people are often unaware or misinformed. Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the natural environment for the benefit of all living…

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  • The Importance Of Keeping The Environment

    restored. Nature is one of the most important gift from God. In the book of Genesis, before God even created Adam and Eve, he created the land, the sea, flowers, trees and all other things which relate to the environment. The media are full of stories about environmental disasters including global warming, endangered species, deforestation, nuclear accidents and much more. We fail to realize how important it is to keep the environment we live in. Without…

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  • Intellectual Health Essay

    I have done. Spiritual Health (answer below in a minimum of 50 words) My spiritual health went from 35 to 36 over the weeks of this class. I have made an effort to maintain harmonious relationships and develop direction and purpose. One thing that I have begun doing is listening to a weekly podcast that is related to spiritual health. The podcast focuses on faith, values, beliefs, and morals. I feel as though listening to this short podcast has helped me relieve stress and improve my spiritual…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Aspects On The Environment

    With the 2016 ISO 14001 environmental recertification audit looming on the horizon, it’s important that we all know our role in the site’s Environmental Management System (EMS). A large part of our Environmental Management System and ISO certification relies on the identification and management of our Environmental Aspects. An Environmental Aspect is any activity carried out at the mill that does or may have an impact on the environment. This can range from activities associated with…

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  • The Darkening Sea By Rachel Carson Analysis

    and is extremely forceful to the individuals who restrict her perspective. She is extremely compelling at expressing her sentiment to her gathering of people. For my “I say” I feel that all three short essays, dealt with important information that everyone needs to know. All of the authors inform us on what is going on in today’s society. I say if it were not for the authors we wouldn’t have noticed these issues. Knowing that there are different issues occurring in today’s society we can…

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