Analysis Of 'The Myth Of The Gay Agenda'

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Being a homosexual in the 21st century can be an emotional experience due to the lies that are said about them. By using satire, LZ Granderson in the TED Talk, “The Myth of the Gay Agenda,” presents humor, personal journey, and emotional connections, which creates a convincing argument towards the audience about love and respect.
First of all, Granderson is a humorous person throughout his speech. LZ Granderson uses verbal irony to be humorous and stir up the audience in a positive and funny way. Granderson talks about his daily life being evil, “My God, this lifestyle that I 'm living is so freaking evil!" (Granderson 4:13) Granderson does this to show how his daily life is similar to many people in the audience. Those people in the audience
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Through the use of emotional connections, Granderson is able to keep his audience entertained and have sympathy for him. Granderson tells the story of how his partner said he loved him. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." (Granderson 6:06) Stories like these made the audiences realize that Granderson and his partner are similar to everyone. Many people have that special person they care for and want to spend the rest of their life with. Love is a language that is understood by almost anyone. They cannot describe it, but they can definitely feel it. Even though they are attracted to the same sex, they are not any different from anyone else. That is the main point Granderson is trying to tell the audience. He wants to be respected and loved. Talking about his son was another emotional connection Granderson used. Many of those listening to his speech have children of their own and they can relate. Granderson’s son has many important achievements which Granderson believes have been done with the help of his dads. Helping their child with his or her homework is an element of parenting that most parents can relate to. Parenting is one of those subjects that parents can relate with other parents. It is a joy that is indescribable as well. Using emotional connections like these Granderson is able to convince his audience that those lies said about homosexuals are not

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