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  • Short Story: Sonny Tried To Barter The Price Up?

    Sonny tried to barter the price down. The little man did not budge. "Not my problem. You got my price. Take it or leave it." The glass slammed shut. Sonny punched the air as he turned to us. "Bastard got us by the short hairs. Where the hell do we find a brick at this hour?" "Finding it is easy." Kane, shook his head. "Paying and getting back here alive is the problem. North Brooklyn gang called the Sinners got all kinds of weed but they want dealer kind of money . . . if they’re willing to sell to us. Last time I checked, our M15’s are still in the armory." "Like how much?" Red reached for his wallet. "Last year? A brick went for two grand. Don 't ask how I know." No Neck, quiet since they left the barracks broke his silence from behind Kane, "He knows we won’t get a brick. Wants something else." Kane turned around while the other two huddled out of hearing distance. "Like what?" "See how he’s sitting?" Kane shook his head and looked into the booth. "A low chair. Too lazy to adjust it." "Cousin of mine came back in a wheelchair. Always getting us to do stuff for him. Used his only power . . . guilt . . . to make us his slaves. But it wasn’t what he wanted.” "OK genius, so how does that help us?” Sonny stepped in front of No Neck, almost on his toes, and stared down on the shorter man. “What’d your moron cousin want?” "He didn’t know. We had to figure it out --" “Well we don’t have all night. Why don’t you just tell us?” “A hooker. To prove he was still a man.” Sonny…

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  • The Fire And The Rain By Dada Karnad Analysis

    In Tale-Danda Karnad breathed a different kind of life into the poetic texts and historical events by developing a dramatic structure that would ‘explain’ the relation of poetry and religious mysitism to political economy and social radicalism and in the english version of the play he incorporated a generous selection of old and new translations of the vachanas by Ramanujan. The Fire and the Rain was originally written in kannada [Agni mattu Male (1995)] but rendered immediately into english for…

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  • Analysis Of Paul Fleischman's Seedfolks

    Indeed, language is a powerful tool that not only helps us communicate but also integrate ourselves into society. In the story, Gonzalo argues that “[t]he older [we] are, the younger [we] get when [we] move to the United States” to point out that his dad’s poor fluency in English makes him a kindergartener and Gonzalo becomes a grown up in order to speak on his behalf (Fleischman, 2002, p.17). Although when I arrived here, I had just a basic English level my whole family depended on my for…

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  • Reflective Essay In English

    course. Before taking the English course, I lacked the ability to write effectively. But, during this course I learned about the chief points needed to write effectively like :- time management skills, working on thesis statement, reading skills, writing skills. These points made writing interesting and easier than before. Time management is one of the important factor in writing course. During High school english class, I never focused on time management skills. But, In the…

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  • The Importance Of International Language

    increasing concern about the interaction of different languages on an international scale. While many aim to preserve minority languages on cultural grounds, language is also an economic asset. Rogerson-Revell (2007), of the Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics at University of Leicester, acknowledged that English is now largely accepted as a lingua franca, used to communicate internationally, and originally spread by commerce. A lingua franca is, in the…

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  • Reflection Of A Journey To A Trip To Germany

    of the trip. Since my original trip here was so long ago, I didn’t remember a whole lot of detail about the country. However, I did remember all the colorful buildings, the presence of castles, the fact that much of the younger generation could speak a decent amount of English, the great food, and a few other things. I also had been trying to teach myself a little German, since I’m half German and my Grandma actually grew up over there, so I knew I would at least have some key phrases to get…

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  • Be Able To Establish Rapport And Respectful Trusting Relationships Essay

    During this time I have gained a greater understanding of the key principles that contribute to building respectful and trusting relationships. I firmly believe that when communicating with children it is important to use the right type of language appropriate for their age and stage of development, individual needs and abilities. I am also aware of the fact that effective communication is an active process that combines a set of skills that includes nonverbal communication, attentive listening…

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  • The Reflection Of Teaching English As A Second Language

    English as a second language (ESL) is learned through-out our entire universe. Each student(s) may be effected in a different way in their course of learning. I interviewed an educator by the name of Salvatore Di Giallonardo, who is the creator, director, and a teacher for Languages for Communications school in Pescara, Italy. I was able to skype him several times during this process to gain as much knowledge on the effects teaching English to students who spoke a different language. During…

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  • Essay On The English Language

    different dialects of English such as American English, Canadian English and Australian English is a very impressive skill, it allows people from different societies to be able to interact in a way that they feel comfortable with each other. Although the English language has been firm, the recent emerges of different societies has resulted in the English language to break down into different dialects to enable better communication and understanding. The English language has always been…

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  • Punctuation Essay

    It is unnecessary for the University to be more permissive; we should maintain the standard formal academic writing that is currently recommended. This form of English requires proper punctuation and grammar, which helps students to understand and express ideas easily and clearly. This usage also contributes to students’ future prospects, but to be an expert in English it is also important to be able to spontaneously switch between academic English and the language that is used within social…

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