Short Story: Sonny Tried To Barter The Price Up?

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Sonny tried to barter the price down. The little man did not budge. "Not my problem. You got my price. Take it or leave it." The glass slammed shut.
Sonny punched the air as he turned to us. "Bastard got us by the short hairs. Where the hell do we find a brick at this hour?"
"Finding it is easy." Kane, shook his head. "Paying and getting back here alive is the problem. North Brooklyn gang called the Sinners got all kinds of weed but they want dealer kind of money . . . if they’re willing to sell to us. Last time I checked, our M15’s are still in the armory."
"Like how much?" Red reached for his wallet.
"Last year? A brick went for two grand. Don 't ask how I know."
No Neck, quiet since they left the barracks broke his silence from behind
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"Like what?"
"See how he’s sitting?"
Kane shook his head and looked into the booth. "A low chair. Too lazy to adjust it."
"Cousin of mine came back in a wheelchair. Always getting us to do stuff for him. Used his only power . . . guilt . . . to make us his slaves. But it wasn’t what he wanted.”
"OK genius, so how does that help us?” Sonny stepped in front of No Neck, almost on his toes, and stared down on the shorter man. “What’d your moron cousin want?”
"He didn’t know. We had to figure it out --"
“Well we don’t have all night. Why don’t you just tell us?”
“A hooker. To prove he was still a
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Would you let us . . . get our car?"
"I 'm stuck here tonight. And tomorrow . . . thought you needed it now? I don’t leave until--"
"Tonight. How about here? While you 're on duty."
"Impossible. She’d never . . ."
"That 's our problem. Where is she?"
Vinnie scribbles something and hands it to No Neck. "Remember the holiday. I close at 5 AM."
"We know. Leave it to us. Got some guys here who work miracles." Red lost at rock, paper scissors and made the phone call. "Daisy Bernstein, you don 't know me but I 'm a soldier at Ft Dix New Jersey and I need your help."
"Who gave you this number? Dinty put you up to this?"
"No. Calling for a friend of yours. Vince Torinaro. Got a crush on you but he’s too shy to ask."
"Would you be willing to . . . meet with him? Tonight."
"OK Asshole. How on earth. I knew it. You jerks are so cruel. Why do you do this? Leave me alone. Don 't call anymore.
"It 's legit. Sorry. I don 't understand. Really."
"There 's no elevator. Wheelchairs don 't do stairs. Nobody here to . . ." She begins to cry.
"What if we carry you?"
"Who are you, Atlas? I 'm in a fifth floor walk-up."
"Tell me where and we 'll get you.
“Hell 's Kitchen. Know where 10th Avenue is? Well head north until you get to . .

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