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  • Argumentative Essay: Grandpa's Getaway Trips

    Illinois once and he had found this rock that was the letter H and it was on top of another rock; Pops thought that was cool because his middle initial starts with a H which stands for Howard. On these trail rides, he has taken the most beautiful pictures of the sunset on top of a hill and said he was amazed by how pretty it looked and how relaxing it was to sit on top of the hill and look out. “She absolutely completely turned around but when she did I fell off” (15:00). Pops was riding along side with his friends Chet and Darrel and then his stirrup broke off the Old English saddle. Pops still holding onto the reins with his foot still in the stirrup holding on by the thread. The mule starts walking off and then she starts going in complete circles with grandpa dragging across the trail. His friend Chet started to yell at him to let go and he finally listened. That day he learned that not to ride the Old English saddle anymore. He had a couple bruises on him but they had put those Icy hot patches on him and wrapped him up and then they were back on the trail riding. Grandpa’s favorite memory about trail riding was this spring, down in South Missouri. He told me it was his favorite because that was when I went down with him and rode with him for a week before we both had to go back for my graduation. He told me how much he enjoyed riding with me and spending time together and how he loved seeing me back on a mule riding. That week we both learned that our walking horse that…

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  • Horseback Riding Research Paper

    To me horseback riding is the best sport ever. With horseback riding you can do a bunch of competitions with your horse. You can participate in Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Pole Bending, Dressage and a whole lot more. There are also different types of saddles for riding such as Westren and English. Both types of saddles are designed for certain styles, sports, and disciplines. My favorite thing about horseback riding is that it gives you an opportunity to bond with your horse, and mother nature.…

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  • Brief Summary Of Kinslee's Riding Horse Training

    Kinslee has been riding horses for around seven years. She started with the very basics of riding horses and advanced from there. She is now jumping horses at around two foot three inches and showing them in the academy beginner division. Kinslee completely fell in love with the sport and the animals. She even know works with them everyone weekend by being the barn hand where she rides. People often tell Kinslee "Riding is not a workout or a sport because the horse does all of the work."…

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  • Pacific Crest Trail Essay

    Based on the information Southbound seems like a better choice for a challenging trip, as well as a break from society. Riding the trail would, of course, require a horse, not just one horse, but two. There are no restrictions for what breed of horse an intrepid rider can bring but the Pacific Crest Trail Association suggests that it is a strong, and a surefooted horse who is, most importantly, experienced on the trail. This would mean taking the horse on test trips and exposing them to all…

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  • Process Essay On Horse Training

    The task will be best attempted in the round pen to limit the area you're working in. Saddling the horse may take several attempts because this is yet another new experience for the young horse. Be prepared for the horse to resist the saddle by bucking and running away from you as you attempt saddling. The key will be lots of patience from you, and encouragement towards the horse. Eventually the horse will realize that the saddle posses no threat to them and will submit to the saddling…

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  • Reining Patterns In Horses

    In the show ring, every run is one of thirteen NRHA approved reining patterns. When someone executes a pattern it is called a run or a go. Each pattern is composed of precise maneuvers designed to demonstrate the degree of which the horse is responding. Each pattern obtains five main maneuvers. The maneuvers are undoubtedly complex and requires the horse and rider team to be extremely precise in the execution of them. Patterns consist of galloping circles, dizzying spins, and abrupt sliding…

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  • How To Ride A Horse

    How to Ride a Horse Have you ever wondered how to ride a horse? Riding a horse is easy. You might have ever wondered how you can ride a horse. The following steps are simple introductions to teach you how to ride a horse. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully. First, you must get your horse and brush him to get all the dirt off the horse so you can have a clean ride and so the sattle may also be clean. Next, get the sattle up in the horse; keep in mind you lift up the sattle on the…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Just Give Up My Horse

    they make you angry or upset? Well my horse did exactly that when he threw me off and broke my wrist. I was so angry and upset at him, I just wanted to get rid of him. I didn’t work him for 3 months and had to retrain him under saddle. I am glad today I didn’t give up on him and decide to get help in retraining him. When I look back at the first time I fell off my horse and broke my wrist, I wonder why it took so long for me to get back on and ride again. It was September 2011 and my father…

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  • Personal Narrative: Riding An Untamed Horse

    Mystic for the first time. Once my butt touched that stiff leather saddle I knew that anything could happen at that point. Luckily she stood still while I sat in the saddle. I had mixed feelings of joy, fear and nervousness going through me at that time. My legs were shaking, my heart was racing, I was sweating profusely, and I had an uneasy feeling in my gut. Hugo could see that I was nervous and he told me to relax and to take deep breaths because horses could feel when someone is nervous and…

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  • Styles Of Horseback Riding

    Horseback Styles Horseback riding has been a popular activity for more than two centuries. Horses were mostly used for work early on, but it gradually came to be a fun activity/sport. There are two main styles of riding, Western and English, which have differing histories, tack, and events. The history of the styles of riding has affected how they are experienced today. Western riding originated from the cowboys in the “Wild West.” They used their horses for herding cattle and bringing back…

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