Brief Summary Of Kinslee's Riding Horse Training

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Kinslee has been riding horses for around seven years. She started with the very basics of riding horses and advanced from there. She is now jumping horses at around two foot three inches and showing them in the academy beginner division. Kinslee completely fell in love with the sport and the animals. She even know works with them everyone weekend by being the barn hand where she rides. People often tell Kinslee "Riding is not a workout or a sport because the horse does all of the work." However, Kinslee disagrees with people when they say this. Kinslee enjoys riding horses because it gives her a physical workout, a mental workout, and a way to relieve stress.

Kinslee gets a workout weekly by riding horses. It gives her an ab, leg , and back workout. Kinslee has to hold a lot of different riding positions with where she is at in her horseback riding career. Kinslee gets a leg and ab workout from holding these positions for a long time or doing them over and over again. Kinslee gets the hardest leg workout when she has
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Kinslee 's stress almost instantly disappears when Kinslee arrives at the barn. Kinslee feels relaxed and calmed when Kinslee is at the barn. Kinslee 's mind blocks out the stress by focusing on the horses and horseback riding. Kinslee also gets a mental workout when Kinslee rides horses. The mental workout comes from having to focus on the horses movement, Kinslee 's position, when the horse takes off for the jump , and the courses that Kinslee has to jump. Kinslee also gets a physical workout by holding the different positions required in horseback riding. Kinslee gets an ab workout, leg workout, and back workout while holding the different positions. Kinslee gets the best leg workout when Kinslee rides without stirrups. Kinslee believes that riding is very benificial to Kinslee and riding would be benifitical to others as

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