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  • Personal Narrative: Riding An Untamed Horse

    ground tying exercises with her, and flexed her neck. Mystic did perfectly fine with warming up so we went to ground driving to see how she was doing with listening to the bit and going the direction we wanted her to go in. After about ten minutes of ground driving Hugo saw that Mystic was doing fantastic, so he went to his truck to grab something. So I patiently waited in the round pen for him to get back. I still remember me thinking what possibly could he be getting if this was just supposed to be a check up on Mystic’s progress. Sure enough Hugo returned and in his hand he had an old worn down bit and bridle with some homemade reins attached to the bit made from yacht rope. I was curious to why he brought that old bit and bridle if Mystic had her new one already and didn’t need another one. So I asked him, “Hugo what’s that for,” and he responded, “this is the bit and bridle I always use when I first ride a horse. Therefore, we are going to use it on Mystic today because you’re going to ride her.” I stood there in a daze because he caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to ride her till that following weekend. However, I knew that I had to man up and ride her right there and then. So I walked up to Mystic and I tried to get my foot in the stirrup, but I was having difficulties because Mystic wasn’t standing still for me to mount. This is what made the nerves really kick in, I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t mount a horse which I had done a thousand times…

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  • Personal Narrative: Horse Racing

    I could feel my heart racing,As the wind blew through my hair,I felt as if I was flying .My friend and I visited to her grandma’s house to ride horses.My friend’s name is Cirrae. I was excited to ride horses.I had pictures in my head about how fun it was going to be, my first step was to learn how to put a saddle and the bridle on the horse, I’ve always thought it was easy. We went to the farm. I wanted to meet all the horses.I was able to ride a horse named Feather.She is a nice horse, she…

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  • Battle Of San Romano Analysis

    The Battle of San Romano was created by Paolo Uccello in c. 1438-40. It is currently at the National Gallery in London. This artwork’s medium is egg tempera with walnut oil and linseed oil on poplar panel. The painting depicts part of the the Battle of San Romano where the Florentines fight against the Sienese, specifically when Florentine’s ally, Micheletto da Cotignola counterattacks the enemy. This painting was one of the three panels of the Battle of San Romano. We can see the main figure,…

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  • Son Lux's Easy: An Analysis

    If a bridle were to be broken off while in use, the horse rider will lose control and the horse will go on his own way. This piece of text symbolizes an individual whose bridle has been teared apart and lost control of his emotions and life. A great example of this would be my female cousin whose heart was broken at a very young age. Her bridle broke once her relationship ended. Her life went off track and she lost herself on some other path. Whenever I would see her at family gatherings, she…

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  • Horse Rider Research Paper

    trail riders. I for one I am a western rider and think their saddle are so much more comfortable, but it up to you. Once you decide on the type of saddle you need to check over both the saddle and blanket for damage. If there is damage it need to be repaired before being used or you with risk injury to horses as well as yourself. After you have checked your equipment, walk up to your horse, and let him smell it. He with let you place the saddle and blanket on it back, hook and tighten the girth.…

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  • Styles Of Horseback Riding

    horse’s tack changes depending on which style of riding a person is doing. Western tack consists of a saddle pad, saddle, girth, breast collar, and bridle. The rectangular saddle pad, which has a texture like a rug and is half an inch to an inch thick, goes on the back of the horse under the saddle. Some Western saddle pads are more rubbery, for horses with sensitive skin. The second item that gets put on the horse is the saddle. At the front of the saddle is the horn, which is about four inches…

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  • Process Essay: How To Care For A Horse

    If you ever want to lead your horse(s), you need a halter and a lead rope. A halter is a head brace for a horse that allows for safer leading and comfort for the horse. The lead rope is a piece of rope with a metal clip attached, almost like a leash. If you ever want to ride your horse(s), one must acquire a horse blanket, saddle, and a bridle with reins. A saddle blanket allows for comfort for the horse, and the saddle makes for a safer, easier riding experience. The bridle and reins are for…

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  • Reflective Essay: Susan's Misperceptions

    I’d been interested in horsemanship for a long time, but I never had access to stables. So I was delighted to learn that Susan was an accomplished rider and that she could teach me how to ride. The first time I got on a horse, I felt dizzy. Sitting stiffly, I held too tightly to the horse because I was afraid of falling. Susan corrected my posture patiently and was encouraging throughout our lessons. She helped pull on the bridle in the beginning to guide the horse, but then she let me try on my…

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  • Importance Of Torture In Elizabethan

    or free speech. Additionally, the stocks were another way that used publicity as a punishment. The prisoner's hands and head would be locked down and the convict would have to sit in the middle of the town while common folk walked by while teasing and sometimes throwing objects at the victim. Notably, women had fewer rights and were not treated equal to men, because of this imbalance special punishments were created for the punishment and torture of women. Women’s actions were often judged more…

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  • Day After Christmas

    It was the perfect night to travel high into the sky with a sleigh full of goodies for good girls and boys. As he settles back we go to another part of the North Pole, The Reindeer’s Barn. The elves are running about, taking each and every reindeer’s harness and bridle off. It takes 4 elves for each reindeer. They start at the beginning and unhook the first 2 reindeer from the harness. The individual harness is taken off and handed to one of the elves to take into the tack room,…

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