Horseback Riding Research Paper

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To me horseback riding is the best sport ever. With horseback riding you can do a bunch of competitions with your horse. You can participate in Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Pole Bending, Dressage and a whole lot more. There are also different types of saddles for riding such as Westren and English. Both types of saddles are designed for certain styles, sports, and disciplines. My favorite thing about horseback riding is that it gives you an opportunity to bond with your horse, and mother nature.
The english saddle is made to give the rider close contact with the horse's back. The rider has to learn to post to a trot. English riding involes the coordination of many factors such as legs, reins, and balance to keep contol of a horse. In english riding, the rider takes
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It's made to spread the weight of the rider over a larger area of the horse's back, making it more comfortable for long rides. When riding western you take both reins in one hand, and your other hand fall naturally. The western saddle is used for roping, cutting, and reining. It's one of the most easiest and most comfortable saddles to ride on while working cattle or just going on long trail rides.
Barrel racing is where a horse runs as fast as they can around three fifty-five gallon drums with their rider on there back. In barrel racing, the fastest time wins. Barrel racing was invented in 1948. It is a mixed gender competition. Though it is mostly females, some men do it at local and youth levels.
It is imporant to bond with your horse. Whether it's trail riding or doing a competition. Grooming is a good way to get to know them. Your horse needs to trust and respect you. If you aren't firm enough then they won't respect you and will walk all over you. If you are crual to your horse then they will respect you but they won't trust you. You don't want to be their boss. You want to be their leader, somone they can look up to and feel safe

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