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  • Argumentative Essay: Grandpa's Getaway Trips

    they are down there. He says that they will pack lunches to go and just stop on the trail and snack. Pops told me about when he had went down in Illinois once and he had found this rock that was the letter H and it was on top of another rock; Pops thought that was cool because his middle initial starts with a H which stands for Howard. On these trail rides, he has taken the most beautiful pictures of the sunset on top of a hill and said he was amazed by how pretty it looked and how relaxing it was to sit on top of the hill and look out. “She absolutely completely turned around but when she did I fell off” (15:00). Pops was riding along side with his friends Chet and Darrel and then his stirrup broke off the Old English saddle. Pops still holding onto the reins with his foot still in the stirrup holding on by the thread. The mule starts walking off and then she starts going in complete circles with grandpa dragging across the trail. His friend Chet started to yell at him to let go and he finally listened. That day he learned that not to ride the Old English saddle anymore. He had a couple bruises on him but they had put those Icy hot patches on him and wrapped him up and then they were back on the trail riding. Grandpa’s favorite memory about trail riding was this spring, down in South Missouri. He told me it was his favorite because that was when I went down with him and rode with him for a week before we both had to go back for my graduation. He told me how much he enjoyed…

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  • Horse On The Left Foot In The Stirrup Analysis

    You should mount your horse on the left side, mounting a house is getting on the horse's back. To mount the horse place your left foot in the stirrup on the left side of the horse, pull yourself up and over the horse's back landing in the saddle. Quickly put your other foot through the other stirrup. To sit in a saddle you must be centered and balanced. You need to be able to lift your entire body up and stand in the stirrups. Make sure the stirrups are even. In the stirrup your foot needs to be…

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  • Essay On Middle Ages

    architecture, Church dominance, and a feudalistic society. Innovation and development were major aspects of this time period. Major steps were developed in the fields of warfare and medicine that drastically changed the course of history. More well-known medieval inventions and developments include the printing press and the adoption of gunpowder. However, this paper focuses on three other developments of equal importance, but lesser fame: the longbow and crossbow, metal stirrups, and…

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  • The Vessel In Ancient Peru

    The Moche were an Andean civilization that resided in ancient Peru. Animals were popular subjects of Moche art and were often depicted on pottery as a composite creature made up of multiple animals. One of the popular uses for pottery in the Moche civilization was to create stirrup spout vessels that held chicha beer for the elite. A specific ceramic stirrup spout vessel that appears to have animalistic qualities is the Vessel in the Shape of a Crested Animal which was found in Tomb 2 at the…

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  • Brief Summary Of Kinslee's Riding Horse Training

    Kinslee 's stress almost instantly disappears when Kinslee arrives at the barn. Kinslee feels relaxed and calmed when Kinslee is at the barn. Kinslee 's mind blocks out the stress by focusing on the horses and horseback riding. Kinslee also gets a mental workout when Kinslee rides horses. The mental workout comes from having to focus on the horses movement, Kinslee 's position, when the horse takes off for the jump , and the courses that Kinslee has to jump. Kinslee also gets a physical workout…

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  • Saddling A Horse Analysis

    Saddling a Horse One of my favorite things to do to clear my head is to saddle up and go for a horseback ride. Before one goes on a ride, the horse must be saddled properly. First, it must be brushed. This step is important because if the loose hair is not removed, the horse may try to do it himself, flinging the rider to the ground. After the horse is brushed, a saddle pad is placed on the horse’s back. The placement of the pad is critical for the comfort of the horse; it should be centered on…

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  • The Middle Ages Analysis

    evidence of both technological advancement and decline that occurred in the Middle Ages, while Manchester ignores arguably revolutionary technologies. As evidence of technological progress during the Middle Ages, Gies and Gies present, among other technologies, the invention of the plow and the stirrup, the latter of which they claimed, “had military impact and social repercussions sufficient to justify the term ‘revolution’” (Gies and Gies 55). According to Gies and Gies, the stirrup allowed…

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  • Jewelry In Renaissance Art

    and of themselves. One example of this is the stirrup ring. Named for its distinctive shape, which resembles a horseback stirrup, this style was originally worn only by bishops. Although stirrup rings became more widely worn in the Middle Ages, they retained their historical context and a restrained simplicity in contrast to the elaborate settings in vogue by the high Renaissance. Consequently, the stirrup ring’s use in portraiture in this era reflects piety and modesty more so than wealth—if an…

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  • Styles Of Horseback Riding

    water, trees, benches, and bricks, and they cannot be moved up or down. Cross country jumpers must finish the jump set fastest, while show jumpers must finish it the most cleanly in order to win. Dressage is another popular English event. It is a lot like Western reining, but more proper, elegant, and dance-like. The horses prance, spin, and canter in a routine put together by the rider to music. The horse may even bow at the end of the performance. Eventing is a combination of show jumping,…

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  • Observation Of Hysterosalpingogram

    Throughout my experience of being a student the most interesting advanced imaging procedure I observed was a hysterosalpingogram. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an x-ray procedure used with fluoroscopy to visualize if the fallopian tubes are open and if the uterus looks healthy and normal. Woman usually have this exam if they are having trouble getting pregnant or have abnormalities with their uterus. I’ve only observed a handful of HSG’s but, I find them to be an exam where you really connect…

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