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  • Lpl External Factors

    External Factors Political, Economic, Social, and Technological (PEST) Analysis The subject of PEST analysis: Whether LPL Financial an existing top-rated independent broker-dealer should offer entrepreneurs access to capital through equity crowdfunding. Political Increase in governmental oversight to safeguard the public New regulations related to accessing capital Dodd-Frank Act Sarbanes-Oxley Act SEC regulations Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regulations Stringent FINRA oversight Economic Lower interest rate environment Stable inflation rate Fiscal unrest in Greece and China Great Recession of 2008 Low oil prices Mortgage foreclosure and banking crisis Dollar’s value versus foreign currency Rising GDP Decrease household net worth Fluctuating stock market both nationally and internationally Unemployment influences on consumer spending Social Number of millennials Aging of the baby boomer generation Increased mortality Uncertainty related to social security Escalating healthcare premiums Financial scandals & crises Greater focus on…

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  • Brokeage Theory Paper

    First, it provides much needed evidence on brokerage processes. Research on brokerage is limited by a lack of studies exploring how brokers enact their network position (Obstfeld et al., 2014). Specifically, few studies have used network measures of brokerage along with detailed qualitative data to explore what brokers are actually doing. Brokerage research has tended to assume that the advantages afforded by network position are uniformly across actors. Using detailed interview data along with…

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  • Jordan Belfort

    nothing bad about making money. Money is crucial to live in this world. However, people is greedy; they will not stop when they have enough money to live. They will continue to make more and more money; until they are finally consumed by the material obsession. Their life, "the part has nothing to do with business", will be destroyed. That is exactly what happened to Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, a middle-class man who wanted to become rich by being a stock broker. He somehow found…

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  • RE/MAX Case Summary

    with buying and renovating homes before selling them for a profit while he was in the military. He was inspired to start a franchise after working as a real estate agent under a brokerage firm. He embraced the idea of 100% commission for agents, so long as a flat fee from that broker or agent would be guaranteed. RE/MAX’s business model was to attract top class entrepreneurs through provision of top-class support, information technology IT infrastructure, training, timely market knowledge, and a…

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  • Selling Your Home On Your Own Case Study

    moment to get high price for the house if I do not do it now. I start looking the best way to sell the house so that I will get the best price in order to get I my equity be maximized. I know from my friend who works in Real Estate field that doing for sale by owner is more beneficial for the owner, in this case, myself. I will be able to save some of the money for selling home commission for myself instead of giving all the commission for the Real Estate broker that can cost 6 % from the house…

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  • The Wolf Of Wall Street Chapter Summary

    The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Novel The Wolf of Wall Street tells Jordan Belforts journey as he embarked on one of the biggest stock market manipulation schemes and how it all came crashing down. The book details the demanding nature of being a stock broker back in the 80 's-90 's and the amount of sex and drugs that encapsulated a young Jordan Belfort into conning people out of hundreds of millions of dollars. After being laid off from his first job as a stock broker due to the stock…

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  • Online Share Dealing Case Study

    Top 5 Reasons To Do Online Share Dealing “Why buy shares online?” It is a big question that is asked by individuals across the UK. The answer to it can actually be quite a complex one to understand. Bulls and bears, profits and losses, stocks and shares, it can all be difficult to get to grips with and decide whether or not to do it. Thankfully, this article looks at the top 5 reasons as to why you should get involved with online share dealing sooner rather than later. 1. Returns Odds are…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day At The Stock Market

    tears, no pain, and no suffering. My mother always told me to work hard, and in the end I would be paid greatly. But what are you supposed to work hard for when you 're out of the job, prices are rising, and you can barely make enough money on part time jobs to support yourself? It 's hard in the U.S right now, the Stock Market has crashed and the crops in the Midwest are dying out. We had recently just concluded the Great War and we had won. Germany had to pay $33 billion dollars in reparations…

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  • Better Call Saul Character Analysis

    The hit T.V. series “Better Call Saul’’ first aired February 8th, 2015 on AMC. This realistic television series is a crime drama with each episode lasting between 40 minutes to an hour. This series is filmed in the active city of Albuquerque. Saul Goodman is an attorney that attempts to get his name out to the city to gain business through hustling various individuals. In a particular attempt, Saul has two individuals (who tried to hustle him) help pull off a plan that involves a government…

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  • Blue Bigger Case Study: Blue Star Shares

    18. – Blue Star shares start trading at $19,50 on the day that Bud wishes to manipulate it. Bud wishes to get raise the price in order to get Gekko to panic and try and sell all of his shares. Bud then wishes to drastically lower the price in order to get Wildman to purchase the shares and remove all ownership from Gekko’s possession. – Bud manipulates the price upwards by instructing his colleagues at his stockbroking firm to get their clients to purchase Blue Star shares as it would be a…

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