The Wolf Of Wall Street Chapter Summary

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The Wolf of Wall Street
Jordan Belfort
The Wolf of Wall Street tells Jordan Belforts journey as he embarked on one of the biggest stock market manipulation schemes and how it all came crashing down. The book details the demanding nature of being a stock broker back in the 80 's-90 's and the amount of sex and drugs that encapsulated a young Jordan Belfort into conning people out of hundreds of millions of dollars. After being laid off from his first job as a stock broker due to the stock crash of 1987, Jordan founded his own firm, Stratton Oakmont with his longtime friend Danny Porush. They then proceeded to sell penny stocks to gullible investors by training their employees to never take no for an answer and make the stock seem out of this world. The company continued to grow and with all the money he was earning, Jordan developed a drug addiction. The company eventually went bust in 1996 with the government stepping in and putting a stop to their operation. Jordan served 22 months in prison and has to pay restitution costs every month until he dies.
Year 12 students would find this novel interesting to read because it shows a very good description of becoming rich through
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Sure Jordan committed stock fraud and served 22 months in prison but he lived the high life for more than a decade breaking every law he could and getting away with all of it. It wasn 't until the end that he had to pay up to his wrongdoings and serve his time. This is relevant to year 12 students because it shows the high life that these people lived every day and while it was great for a short period of time, when it all came crashing down these people served jail sentences, lost all of their money and had no hope of working in that industry again. This teaches them that getting rich can be a great goal in life, but getting there by any other means than hard work won 't work in the long

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