Online Share Dealing Case Study

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Top 5 Reasons To Do Online Share Dealing

“Why buy shares online?” It is a big question that is asked by individuals across the UK. The answer to it can actually be quite a complex one to understand. Bulls and bears, profits and losses, stocks and shares, it can all be difficult to get to grips with and decide whether or not to do it. Thankfully, this article looks at the top 5 reasons as to why you should get involved with online share dealing sooner rather than later.

1. Returns

Odds are you’ve heard stories of individuals earning millions overnight from online share dealing. In all actuality such stories are simply myth, but there are definitely noteworthy financial returns to be found within trading. Realistically, with the right approach you can look to make a 50% or more return on your investment over the course of a year. Which far outstrips the returns you will make from leaving your money in a bank, as such interest rates are usually 5% or less. The returns you make will obviously be related to the trading decisions you make. But, it pays to remember that the reason why the rich are rich is often due to how they grow their fortunes via online share dealing. Profits aren’t guaranteed from online share dealing, but should you trade smart then the odds will be in your favour.

2. Recession Proof

When online share dealing you don’t
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However, via online share dealing it could workout that you pay less by the time the financial year is out. When online share dealing in the UK you are given £9,600 capital gains tax to operate within, meaning should you earn less that this via trading you won’t need to pay any tax. Comparing this with the £6,035 income tax allowance, it makes investing more tax beneficial. Obviously, should you earn more than £9,600 then tax rules will come into play, but online share dealing definitely gives your plenty of room to work within when it comes to

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