Depression: The Great Deal And The Great Depression

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Life is not easy- -if life were to be easy, there would be no tears, no pain, and no suffering. My mother always told me to work hard, and in the end I would be paid greatly. But what are you supposed to work hard for when you 're out of the job, prices are rising, and you can barely make enough money on part time jobs to support yourself? It 's hard in the U.S right now, the Stock Market has crashed and the crops in the Midwest are dying out. We had recently just concluded the Great War and we had won. Germany had to pay $33 billion dollars in reparations after the war for all of the damage they have caused. Things seemed alright here, we all had stable jobs and a roof above our head. But on October 17, 1929 everything would change.
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When elections came about, a new president was elected. He proposed a plan to remake all financial institutions and would assure us that the market would rise. The new plan was called the “Great Deal’. This provision would be put in effect ASAP once approved by Congress and would determine the future of the country. As for me, this would determine if my days of suffering were over, if I could get my job back and reestablish myself on Wall St. The provision was passed and now we waited. Things actually started to go up. Companies had revived and started to re hire their workers. Fortunately, the Stock Exchange needed more brokers and on the list to rehire was me. I had gained my job back and I now could receive an income. I wouldn’t have to suffer and I could re buy all the furniture I sold in my apartment. People gained more trust in the market, and new companies were created to make sure this would never happen again. Things looked bright here in the US and Wall St continued to grow larger. We had gained confidence once again in our country and proved we can survive no matter what tries to knock us down, and more importantly, I was able to show myself that I could make it through the depression and come out

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