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  • Teenage Angst And Teen Angst

    “Mom this is totally unfair! I was only one hour off curfew and I totally called dad ahead of time to tell him I was going to be late.” Maxi says with as much teen angst one could possibly manage into a statement. “Maxianna it is not a choice! You need to learn that what I say goes, your father and I are no longer married therefore when you’re at my house you follow my rules. You are not going anywhere for the next week.” Her mother fired back at her with a finality that was not to be argued with. “Mom for the last times its Maxi. And you can ground me all you want at your house but once I go to dads you have no say there for I’ll,” she said to her mother with her arms on her hips to show her mother how firm she was on getting this punishment revoked. “Well guess what Maxi your father and I have both agreed on this punishment so have fun with that plan.” Once her mother had her final say on the situation she turned and walked into the kitchen not wanting to hear anything Maxi had to say to this statement. This left Maxi on her own to reflect all that had just happened in her sparsely furnished home that her mother had just relocated into after her father and her divorced. How come it was only when it was to punish her that her parents decided communicate? When it came to her sports events never did they communicate, they each took one side of the bench with the whispering of the town telling the story of the ugly divorce until it…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Leaving Home

    Have you ever lost someone close to you? Family friend, neighbor; or possibly your Mom, Dad, Sister or Brother? Now imagine that they are leaving, no way to stop them; and if they do not go, they are thrown in jail or end up a runaway convict. This is the horror of drafting. Drafting is what steals away and breaks apart families and sends them off to war with little to no chance of them coming back home. They will be forced into being trained and punished to suit the necessities of war and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Earthquake In Haiti

    Where is my heart? I couldn’t help but feel small while resting in the clouds. Depositing all my trust in the machinery I sat in made my stomach sink, and I couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit nervous. Then it appeared, the country I had no idea I would fall in love with eight days later. Port-au –Prince, Haiti laid directly below me; complete destruction enveloped my vision. Four years earlier, following the earthquake that devastated Haiti, seeing it remain in ruins, made my heart sink.…

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  • Descriptive Essay About The Gods Rose

    The Gods’ Rose The moonlight poured from the sky like milk from the chalice of a God. And although the wind was roaring, silence and peace reigned through the forest. Agapi was laying on a thick tree branch outside her home, humming a sweet tune to herself, gently tearing the pettles off a rose and letting them float away with the breeze, while she stared up at the small white specks that were glued on the heavens. She was an odd girl, or so I had heard. She was tranquil, yet wild. Obedient,…

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  • Letters From A Temporary Home Analysis

    During this section, Anne again describes how she feels like she is being treated like a child. She tries to find new ways to cope with matters, and she decides that it is best she stops writing for a bit. Although Anne finds it rather offensive when the people of the annex talk about what they would like to do when the war is over, she records what each person would like personally after escaping their temporary home. One of Anne’s new ways of acting more like an adult is keeping her opinions…

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  • Amanda's Theory: A Short Story

    John and his sister Amanda lived in a town called Greensburg. John had a friendly personality and his sister had a very curious personality. They both lived in a normal brown house near the beach. When they weren’t doing homework, or when they weren’t at school, they played together at the beach. Greensburg was known as a creepy town after being founded in 1856 by an Infamous criminal, known as Tom Perry strange stuff started to happen people would report to see Mermaids,Ghosts and flashing red…

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  • Creative Writing: The Kozlovsky Family

    learned she would be punished less if she did not fight back. Although her was slackened by drink and his strikes stung less, her husband’s scathing swears and deep resentment caused Tatyana a wound more painful than any beating could yield. “I know the truth you swine of a woman. I know what you like to do while I work to provide for this damned family. You disgust me,” Fyodor spit. Tatyana locked her eyes on the icon of St. Nicholas that hung above the chestnut dresser, an heirloom passed…

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  • The Dirty Dozen Analysis

    Believe it or not, Marshall Mathers created the alias (Bozza 20) ‘Slim Shady’ on the toilet. In Michigan, his rap group, The Dirty Dozen (stylized D12), figured that all six members needed an alter ego. The most notable of which came firmly attached to the heels of the infamous Eminem. Eminem himself doesn’t believe too much in ‘pulling punches’ as his raps are often criticized for being heavy in homophobic content and rather misogynistic. While his lyrics are raw, violent and harsh, his…

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  • Short Story: Riley, It's Time To Wake Up?

    “Riley, it’s time to wake up.” Topanga sing songed as she entered her daughter’s bedroom. A muffled response came from beneath the purple comforter. “You start school today; you should be excited.” Topanga said. “Not going” a more clear answer rang from under the covers. “Of course you are going” Topanga insisted and pulled the comforter off of Riley and the bed. “Get up, or I’ll send your father in here.” Topanga warned before she headed downstairs to go start breakfast. The thirteen year old…

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  • Medea Theme Of Revenge Essay

    The story of Medea, written by the Greek poet Euripides, is about a woman who goes on a vengeful killing spree, after being scorned by her husband, Jason. Having already killed prior to that her scorn fed her murderous impulses. Her worldview indicates that she prays to the gods/goddess to go unpunished for her sins. She seeks out revenge for those who have caused her pain. As a result, Medea believes that revenge is justified. Medea seeks revenge to justify how her husband Jason has mocked…

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