Teenage Angst And Teen Angst

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“Mom this is totally unfair! I was only one hour off curfew and I totally called dad ahead of time to tell him I was going to be late.” Maxi says with as much teen angst one could possibly manage into a statement. “Maxianna it is not a choice! You need to learn that what I say goes, your father and I are no longer married therefore when you’re at my house you follow my rules. You are not going anywhere for the next week.” Her mother fired back at her with a finality that was not to be argued with. “Mom for the last times its Maxi. And you can ground me all you want at your house but once I go to dads you have no say there for I’ll,” she said to her mother with her arms on her hips to show her mother how firm she was on getting this punishment revoked. “Well guess what Maxi your father and I have both agreed on this punishment so have fun with that plan.” Once her mother had her final say on the situation she turned and walked into the kitchen not wanting to hear anything Maxi had to say to this statement. This left Maxi on her own to reflect all that had just happened in her sparsely furnished home that her mother had just relocated into after her father and her divorced. How come it was only when it was to punish her that her parents decided communicate? When it came to her sports events never did they communicate, they each took one side of the bench with the whispering of the town telling the story of the ugly divorce until it

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