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  • Medea Theme Of Revenge Essay

    The story of Medea, written by the Greek poet Euripides, is about a woman who goes on a vengeful killing spree, after being scorned by her husband, Jason. Having already killed prior to that her scorn fed her murderous impulses. Her worldview indicates that she prays to the gods/goddess to go unpunished for her sins. She seeks out revenge for those who have caused her pain. As a result, Medea believes that revenge is justified. Medea seeks revenge to justify how her husband Jason has mocked her. To validate her revenge she seeks help through her partner goddess Hecate, patron of witchcraft. She appears to be a helpless woman, in order to gain her assistance in evil craftiness to avenge her honor and answer her prayers. Her worldview of the gods/goddesses indicates that they overlook the vengeance and will be willing to help her. However Medea speaks to herself as if it is the words of Hecate when she says: “Go forward to the dreadful act. The test has come / For resolution. You see how you are treated. Never / Shall you be mocked by Jason’s Corinthian wedding, / Whose father was noble, whose grandfather Helios” (Euripides, 2006, p.699). Medea is convinced that the gods/goddesses are willing to assist her in her evil plotting and scheming, by advising her to go forward with them. She believes she is gifted (reputation as a sorceress) by Hecate to plot evil, which will help her obtain her revenge. Therefore with Medea’s assistance from the god/goddesses she believes that…

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  • Characteristics Of Oedipus As A Tragic Hero

    father and marrying his mother. He then punishes himself for all the thing that he has choose to do and believe. He blinds himself after seeing his mother kill herself over the fact that she married and slept with her own son, and then had his children. He then is banished from Thebes because he can no longer properly…

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  • The Dangers Of Social Media In Today's Society

    Bullying has moved from the classic big guy taking a kid 's lunch money or a mean popular girl spreading rumors about some girl, to cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is the new danger for teenagers in today 's society. Cyberbullying is when some one harrases or insults someone over the internet. It might not sound so menacing, but it has lead many teens to depression, self loathing, and in some cases suicide. Words have power over many people, and weather those words are said in person or over a…

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  • The Raven: A Short Story

    My mom earned enough to buy a townhouse near a decent middle school. I no longer visited Jim, I simply refused to get in his car, no matter how many times he called the police. I studied well, and earned straight A’s. I made new friends, and best of all, I discovered my love for photography. I created an instagram account that had eleven thousand followers. I was happy. Then came the tragedy that ruined me. My beloved mother was killed in a car accident on December 21, 2011. She was driving…

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  • Childhood Socialization Analysis

    so get use to it." My helpless, vulnerable and defenseless mom sitting in her little kitchen could do nothing than read her bible, suddenly she shouted "God forgive him because he doesn 't know what he has done." She began to pray then tears like river started flowing down her pinkish cheeks. My brothers and I held her and we sang my "Jesus and I we have a good thing going on." She said "Children you are my blessing from God and it pains my heart the way your father treated you all, but what…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Earthquake In Haiti

    ginormous as mine when I got a bike for Christmas when I was little. We started kicking rocks and whistling. Children from the houses surrounding me started peeking out from behind their doors and their parents’ legs wondering who that white girl was. Slowly, they all came out and started kicking around a water bottle, the Haitian soccer ball. I jumped into the game and the children’s laughter was all I could hear. The girl that was holding my hand a few minutes earlier started calling out,…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Peyton Stood In A Zoo

    Myriad high maintenance pets preened, collared, and contained within massive structures all on wide, open land. An operation with a budget of about $160 million a year. This place used to be a zoo. Decades ago. More than half a century ago before this place was even thought of, before I was even thought of, or you. My parents used to amble around it, gawking at exotic snakes and monkeys of all sorts. You know what their favorite animal was, out of all that were preserved here all those years…

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  • Divorce: A Personal Narrative Analysis

    Divorce is a radical life changer, for all involved; siblings, mother, father, uncles, aunts, grandparents. Everyone related. It all started on March 2010. My mom found out that my dad was having an affair. He never said so, but it became clear that it had been going on for some time already. It was with a woman at his work, so he could see her freely without any suspicion from us. My mom kicked him out of the house, and he came and went for a while. He would visit us once in a while, but…

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  • The Negative Aspects Of Having A Mother

    Everyone’s got a mom, right? Whether you’re adopted, or have two parents of the same gender, or in whatever situation, everyone has a mom. But does everyone have a mother? I think there’s a difference. Your mom is the woman who helped create you – biologically of course. But your mother is the person who helped shape you into being. She taught you right from wrong, showed you the kind of parent you’d want to be (or maybe the kind you didn’t want to be), and helped you when you were upset. I’m…

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  • The Stamp Act: March 23, 1765

    Today, on March 23, 1765. An act was passed yesterday by the Parliament called the Stamp Act and I, Averill Hartnett is outraged. Just in case you did not know what the Stamp Act was. This meant you had to pay a tax for any written documents such as legislative resolves, prints, licenses, newspapers, and songs. Just as the colonists heard this law, immediately started disputes, and began feathering and tarring tax collectors. My family was furious too. Dad grumbles while looking out the window.…

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