The Dangers Of Social Media In Today's Society

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Remember that feeling as a child when you made your first friend. It was instantaneous, you both just started having fun and playing like you two knew each other forever. Now imagine you meet someone but they are in the dark, you form a connection based on the trust you have that most people are who they say they are. But sadly, not everyone is always who they claim to be. This person could be who they say they are, or they could be a fifty year old man. Social media today is becoming more and more dangerous. Some of the potential dangers of social media today are arguments, invasion of personal accounts, imposters, cyberbullies, and even suicide. Many people, high school students especially, like to make up lies about people when they do …show more content…
Bullying has moved from the classic big guy taking a kid 's lunch money or a mean popular girl spreading rumors about some girl, to cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is the new danger for teenagers in today 's society. Cyberbullying is when some one harrases or insults someone over the internet. It might not sound so menacing, but it has lead many teens to depression, self loathing, and in some cases suicide. Words have power over many people, and weather those words are said in person or over a computer screen they still hold power. The disadvantage for the victims of cyberbullying is that they may not know who is really bullying them. What someone might think is a nice person they met online, suddenly turned hostile, could actually be a group of mischievous teens trying to hurt somebody. Another danger of bullying over the internet is that the bully could try to publicaly embares or harases a person over social websites or chat rooms. Many cyber bullies are more vicious towards their victims because they are not directly talking them so they feel less guilty about what they are saying, or how it affects that …show more content…
Some people feel like they are worthless and that their lives do not matter. When added to the harshness of cyberbullies, rumors, and social bashing, sometimes it is the final push over the edge for people. Most people, to some extent, have at one point insulted someone, but some people over social media sites receive some sense of pleasure from insulting people they have never met to make themselves feel better. And when they do this to people who are dealing with depression, loss of a loved one, or feelings of worthlessness they only worsen what is already a dangerous situation. The danger of social media sites in this case is that people never know the people they are insulting and what effects it could have on that person.
Many social media sites are a great tool when used properly. But the dangers of arguments, invasion of personal accounts, imposters, cyberbullies, and even suicide, some would say, out ways the advantageous of social media sites. Social media in today 's society is a very useful and prosperous luxury. But it also holds many dangers that people should be aware of, but more importantly be prepared for when using social media

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