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  • The Women In Chopin's The Awakening

    Alec awakens Edna’s sexual desires that have been hidden for so long. Alec frees her as a woman. However, she cannot act on her natural desires because it leads to the one thing that she hates the most motherhood. Being expected to care for the children and tend to the home, this conflict intensified Edna’s societal expectations as a woman. Ultimately, in The Awakening, Chopin demonstrates how Edna Pontellier’s societal expectations as a mother and woman negate her romantic longings, for her desires for sexual freedom perpetuate the very thing that enslaves her: family. Edna did not want kids, but she had to have kids because she biologically was made too.Adele is the mother of four.Adele is the mother of all mother. She loves kids and Adele’s liberal Creolean ways of going about motherhood help unleash the Inner Edna. Adele’s kids are her life she puts then before herself. Adele is happy within herself and she enjoys motherhood. Adele is confident in herself. Adele unlike Edna does not fall for Alec the city’s lovers. I don't have any regrets about not having kids. I've just never had those maternal feelings. I am a nurturer by nature, but I…

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  • The Causes Of Postpartum Depression

    Postpartum depression is a serious mood disorder experienced by women after giving birth. This complex disorder can shatter mothers mind, body and spirit and end their dreams of what they expected motherhood to be. Health professionals estimate that between 15 and 20 percent of women who have recently given birth will be affected by postpartum depression (Stone, 2008). 700,000 new moms each year develops postpartum depression (Veng & Mcloskey, 2007). Postpartum depression affects more than…

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  • The Symbolism Of Nature In Chicxulub

    The use of nature is one of the more common themes discussed within multiple stories this term. The use of nature can be instrumental in conveying the symbolic meaning, but it also helps to establish the setting in several stories. Commonly, the author’s use of nature serves a dual purpose within the story, which aids in potentially forming a wide array of interpretations for readers. In the short story Chicxulub, the narrator compares the impact he felt when he received news of his daughter…

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  • Slave Motherhood

    According to Barbara Bush’s The 'Invisible ' Black Woman in Caribbean History “The female slave labored as hard and as long, and was subjected to the same harsh punishments as male slaves...she was forced to resist the system in order to preserve her integrity as a women and protect her family and friends.” 1 No matter if she was on the harsh vogue across the Atlantic, living in Rio de Janeiro or the United States all slave women had one thing in common, and that is that their masters often saw…

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  • Mask Of Motherhood

    simultaneously catering to the needs of her children at home. Specifically, I will analyze the ways in which the protagonist of the novel illustrates the theory of the mask of motherhood as articulated by Susan Maushart. Maushart defines the mask of motherhood as a silent conspiracy that mothers engage with by hiding the realities of parenthood through acts like disinformation (Maushart 462). To start, Kate performs the mask of motherhood in front of other mothers. This act is prominent…

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  • Motherhood In Slavery

    The institution of slavery has affected the lives of both white and black women. Women in slavery experienced hardships and effects that men in slavery never experienced. One of the primary roles that a slave woman had was motherhood. After the child was old enough for labor, the slave mother was trained to labor in a domestic setting or work in the fields. Young enslaved women were expected to be maids, cleaners and some were employed as wet nurses and even breastfed the children of the slave…

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  • Motherhood Observation

    We discussed the penalties that occur if you do not follow these pre-determined roles in our talk about A Labor Market Punishing to Mothers. Many mothers are trying to, unsuccessfully, enter the workforce and make as much money as their male counterparts. As a society, they are looked down upon for trying to work instead of taking care of their children. This is known as the Motherhood Penalty. This stems from gender roles determined by the dominant culture of our country. For example, women…

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  • Abortion And Motherhood

    Motherhood should never be a punishment. Abortion is a fundamental right and should stay legal in all places for all people. A common misconception about abortion is that the child is able to feel being aborted and that it hurts the fetus. But what people do not know is that the child is actually not able to feel pain until around the twentieth week of gestation. Studies show that less than two percent of abortions occur after twenty weeks. So, for the most part,the baby isn’t physically harmed…

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  • The Paradox Of Modern Motherhood

    Current-day motherhood presents a constellation of challenges to mothers. Many people do not understand what being a mother entails. A particular blog, called Of Moms And Men, is a series of posts documenting the life of a mother of three children. This blog takes into account many of the factors that make motherhood challenging and often time demanding. Of Moms And Men provides concrete evidence that backs up a wide range of scholars’ claims about motherhood and how it is gendered and the…

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  • Motherhood In A Doll's House

    parents to raise children. However, back in nineteenth century, society did not endorse that. Society believed that women had to take care of children while males could just provide money instead of actually raising their children. Since society considered the motherhood function was such an important duty for women, Ibsen, one of the promoters of the woman revolution, expresses his ideas of motherhood function in his literature works. His two plays, A Doll House and Hedda Gabler shows his point…

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