The Causes Of Postpartum Depression

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Register to read the introduction… The symptoms are remarkably similar to that of baby blues and this is why a majority of moms go undiagnosed either by just not knowing they have this disorder or by feelings of shame by the new mom for feeling this way. A new mom assumes she should not be so selfish and be ecstatic about the new-born. A surprising statistic is that approximately 10 percent of moms go undiagnosed with this disorder and the effects can be devastating for an entire family (Miller, 2006). Postpartum depression, unlike experiencing the baby blues can affect the baby. Postpartum depression can interfere with the new mom’s ability to care for their little one, which can include the ability to do ordinary daily tasks of interacting with him/her and cuddling. Moms are ashamed to feel a loss of interest in what should be the love and joy of their life. If these issues are not taken care of immediately they can only exacerbate and in return the baby can develop delays in cognitive developments, and behavioral problems. They may also start talking or walking later than other children their age (Stewart & Dennis, …show more content…
Postpartum depression is a highly treatable illness. Over 65 percent of depressed moms will get better with counseling or psychotherapy. The same percentage of moms will respond to antidepressant medicine (PPD hope, n.d.). A form of counseling called cognitive-behavioral therapy has proven effective as antidepressants and for less severe cases of postpartum depression (Healthwise, 2008). The most common form of treatment is with depression medicine. There are a variety of types of medicines available. The most frequently prescribed is called norepinephrine and serotonin. However, this medicine does come with risks. The FDA warns that babies exposed to certain medications used to treat depression may be at greater risk of developing birth defects. In December, 2005 the FDA reports that, “Early results show that the depression drug Paxil increases the risk of birth defects, particularly heart defects, when women take it during the first 3 months of pregnancy” (Babyzone, n.d.). These work by restoring the balance of chemicals in the brain. One of the reasons it is crucial to seek treatment right away is because the medicine can take 2-3 weeks to start working. It is crucial for mother to get diagnosed immediately so the symptoms do not

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