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  • Motor Vehicle Theft Essay

    I choose to talk about motor vehicle theft for a policy issue in America. Motor vehicle theft occurs nearly every day. Most people don’t know that stealing a vehicle is felony and that you could face up to imprisonment. Attempting to steal a vehicle is not worth going to prison over; depending on the age of victim it tells you whether or not what age group is more likely to steal a car. There are more than $4.5 billion lost due to motor vehicle theft which is very ridicules, because someone has to come out of pocket to cover the victim’s loss of their vehicle. The few people who steal vehicles don’t realize that cars have value and that they are hurting themselves by entering prison for stealing the vehicle. Motor vehicles thefts that occur is about 737,142 stolen yearly, many people would ask what would make a person do this. When looking at the statistics motor vehicle thefts has the highest rate for a crime, motor vehicles that were stolen was about 73% and majority of them were automobiles. A loss of a vehicle cost about $6,152 which lots of…

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  • Transfer A Motor Vehicle Essay

    How to Transfer a Motor Vehicle Title “Another satisfied customer,” I sarcastically think to myself as the customer storms out of the license center, about to unleash their wrath on anyone in their path. This is a common thing at most department of motor vehicle or license centers; someone is upset because they can’t transfer the title of their motor vehicle. Maybe it is because the seller signed the buyer’s spot, or maybe it is because they didn’t have enough to pay for the title transfer.…

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  • Motor Vehicle Essay

    the Motor Vehicles in the World For decades motor vehicles have become familiar in the world, vehicles have evolved from simple steam powered engines that could be used for transportation to hydrogen powered engine vehicles and then the petrol gasoline powered engine vehicles. Recently there has been development of electric vehicles to reduce the effect of pollution the petrol powered vehicles emits. The charged vehicles can go for an average of 60kms before they are recharged again. Invention…

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  • Motor Vehicle Construction Case Study

    REVIEW 2.1 Theoretical principles 2.1.1 Motor vehicle repair and servicing works In the motor vehicle repair works, a number of processes are undertaken depending on the part under repair or service. This includes but not limited to, bodyworks, engine parts, transmission parts and auxiliary parts like batteries. Operations on this parts during either repair or servicing is prone to expose the worker to some dust mostly inform of fumes. Hazardous materials and wastes in a motor vehicle…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: An Exchange Student In Germany

    I talked to Burkhard, and we both decided that going back in a car would be a better option this time. The vehicle I was going with was a light electric blue Mazda Cosmo, a racing car from the 60s. It was the smallest car I have ever been on. So small I even had to take my boots from the motorcycle gear off. The car was safer than the motorcycle, which allowed us to go at a speed of around 100 miles compared with the motorcycle which we would go at around 130 km. As I wasn’t riding in the…

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  • Modification Of Car Culture

    new muffler or headlight appears and suddenly it is a crime to purchase anything else other that what is offered by the car company at an extremely inflated price? That may be the future for car owners everywhere if restrictions on aftermarket parts grows anymore. Buying, owning, and driving a car has probably been high up on a list of accomplishments since being just a teenager. For most, the love of their car usually ends after a new carwash or oil change. But for millions of others, the love…

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  • General Motors Advantages And Disadvantages

    General Motors goal is to turn their ‘concept into a reality’ (Wale, 2012) through expanding the vehicle globally while upholding the promise of a inexpensive and safer new way to drive. With the rate of car accidents perceptually rising, the concept of a vehicle that provides the possibility of lowering the amount of accidents on the road, allows for a successful way to market to customers. With the great new features the EN-V vehicle has, the vehicle practically sells itself, but to ensure…

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  • Alcohol Is The Leading Cause Of Driving

    drivers of America are not as distracted as they used to be in the 70’s. Alcohol is still the leading cause of vehicle accidents in The United States. Speeding is the second leading cause of all traffic accidents. Drivers do not pay attention to their surroundings or in other words, they have no situational awareness of things around them. Operating a vehicle is serious venture that depends upon all the human senses to do so effectively and safely. We need to improve our driving skills by…

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  • Transportation Vehicles

    transportation vehicles today. With the advancement of technology, different vehicles contain different technology that help the vehicle run more efficiently, and benefit the needs and wants of different consumers every day. Transportation has become very essential in today’s day in age. Here in the United States, citizens are blessed to own the vehicle(s) that they own. Some are more blessed than others and have attained the cars that others could only fathom having. People need vehicles every…

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  • Hiegel V. State: Operating A Car Devity

    To determine if Ms. Spano was operating her vehicle while intoxicated the court will apply a four- factored test and the relevant Indiana code to the facts. After applying the factors, the court will probably weigh in favor of Ms. Spano operating the car. Ind. Code 9-30-5-3 states, “… a person who operates a vehicle while intoxicated…”. Ind. Code 9-13-2-118 defines operator as “driver or is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle upon a highway...” The Hiegel test helps determine…

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