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  • Motor Vehicle Theft Crime

    2016). This significant decline may have to deal with the implementation of different programs in an effort to stop property crime. Even though property crime rate is dropping, it is still costly to society as a whole, especially motor vehicle theft. Studying and understanding motor vehicle theft is essential in reducing the crime rate and calculating costs of the crime on society. According to McCollister, French & Fang (2010), motor vehicle theft costs society approximately $10,772 with estimated victim costs, criminal justice costs, such as legal costs, and crime…

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  • Transfer A Motor Vehicle Title Analysis

    How to Transfer a Motor Vehicle Title “Another satisfied customer,” I sarcastically think to myself as the customer storms out of the license center, about to unleash their wrath on anyone in their path. This is a common thing at most department of motor vehicle or license centers; someone is upset because they can’t transfer the title of their motor vehicle. Maybe it is because the seller signed the buyer’s spot, or maybe it is because they didn’t have enough to pay for the title transfer.…

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  • Motor Vehicle Collision Case Study

    Although you may never be in a motor vehicle collision, it's wise to be prepared in case it happens. An automobile accident attorney at Waycaster & Allred, in Dalton, GA, wants you to be informed about what measures to take. The experienced team of legal attorneys cares about each client, making it a top priority for you to receive the compensation you deserve. The personal injury law firm offers four steps to take after you have a car accident: Check For Injuries: If you suffer serious…

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  • Motor Vehicle Essay

    the Motor Vehicles in the World For decades motor vehicles have become familiar in the world, vehicles have evolved from simple steam powered engines that could be used for transportation to hydrogen powered engine vehicles and then the petrol gasoline powered engine vehicles. Recently there has been development of electric vehicles to reduce the effect of pollution the petrol powered vehicles emits. The charged vehicles can go for an average of 60kms before they are recharged again. Invention…

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  • Motor Vehicle Collisions

    While few people get into vehicles expecting to crash, collisions can, and often do, occur throughout New York. At The Klein Law Group, P.C., we understand that being involved in an auto accident can be a traumatizing experience, even if you are not seriously injured. As such, it may be difficult to think clearly immediately following a wreck. In this post then, we will discuss what you should do if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision. If you have been involved in a car accident, the…

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  • Motor Vehicle Experience

    Two years ago, I suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident that impacted my life in various ways. I was unaware of the recovery process that I was about to endure . My lawyer insisted on using an outpatient insurance doctor, because he felt that it would accommodate both of us in numerous ways. This was terrifying experience because of the various rumors these facilities held about diagnosing patients for monetary value rather than performing true patient centered care (PCC). Instead of…

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  • Motor Vehicle Construction Case Study

    REVIEW 2.1 Theoretical principles 2.1.1 Motor vehicle repair and servicing works In the motor vehicle repair works, a number of processes are undertaken depending on the part under repair or service. This includes but not limited to, bodyworks, engine parts, transmission parts and auxiliary parts like batteries. Operations on this parts during either repair or servicing is prone to expose the worker to some dust mostly inform of fumes. Hazardous materials and wastes in a motor vehicle…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Motor Vehicle Drivers

    Using a motor vehicle has been a necessity the has become vital to our generation to get from place to place. People have relied on vehicle transportation for many years, and not until recently have people start to question whether or not everyone should be able to operate a motor vehicle, including young teenagers. There has been many reports and statistics about how teens are the leading cause of automobile accidents. According to RMIIA (Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association) it…

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  • What Are Motor Vehicles Wear Seat Belt?

    For Americans between the ages of 8 and 34, motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death. Motor vehicles have always been dangerous, especially once their use became widespread. Motor vehicles used to be much more dangerous, especially before the three-point seat belt became the standard in 1958. As the three-point seat belt became more commonplace, there were fewer and fewer car accident fatalities. Some people, for some unknown reason, do not wear their seat belt, even though it…

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  • Carjacking Is The Violent Form Of Motor Vehicle Theft

    Carjacking Facts Robbery Prevention Advice Carjacking is Robbery Carjacking is the violent form of motor vehicle theft. It is a serious threat to our personal safety because the thief uses force and fear to rob our car from us. Sometimes the car owner or other occupants are kidnapped during a carjacking, and if lucky will be dropped off nearby unharmed. The worst case scenario occurs when you are transported to a secondary crime scene, which is usually more dangerous than the original…

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