Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance

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Michael Mischon
Dr. Hedengren
Composition I
7 November 2016 In this persuasion paper, I am reaching out to auto enthusiasts and people who are interested in import cars in an attempt to persuade them regarding why the Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, often referred to by many people in the automotive community as the 25 year import law, needs to reduced down to 15 years. I accomplish this by using logos regarding how the law is set up in Canada, as well as establishing ethos by providing background information regarding the law for those unaware of its existence, as well as citing automotive writers who have written as to why the law needs to be changed. __________________________________________________________________
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Not only that, but more powerful variants of certain cars, such as the Type R variants of the Honda NSX & Honda Civic, have only been sold overseas and not in the US. As more foreign cars become legal for import in the US, the wait for others continues to irritate those who really want to drive a Nissan Skyline GTR-R34, as well as many other foreign cars. The Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act should be modified from 25 years to 15 years because it will not affect the car companies because most cars imported would be used, the number of people who would want to import is actually smaller than a lot of Americans think, and it would eliminate a double standard regarding the safety of old and new foreign made cars. For starters, the Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act should be modified from 25 years to 15 years because it wouldn’t damage car companies’ profits in the long run. By having the Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act at 15 years, it would still be a bit of a wait, but not long enough to the point where an auto enthusiast would want to tear their out because while a new car couldn’t be imported …show more content…
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